Apocalipse And The Bridle

Apocalipse and I have been training a little, with the bridle on. You know, wearing a bit, responding for the right signals, while I walk beside him, not eating the rein, all kind of things a young man must learn at some point in his life if he is going to be my future show jumping star…

It’s strange, seeing him like this, looking all… horse like…

apocalipse 005

I mean, remember the foal he was, three years ago?

IMG_1491  IMG_2247

Now he is the most beautiful teenager, ever to walk this earth, no offence to any of my other horses, but Apocalipse looks so much like his mother these days, and no one can deny her, her beauty.


He does think it’s very unfair that I have no sense of humor when it comes to eating my reins… Here he was, thinking that he was doing very good, having both the bit and the reins in his mouth at the same time? No?

apocalipse 008

Well… Sulk…

apocalipse 012

Not to worry though, I won’t be riding him anytime soon, he is just a baby still. I know it is custom to break in the three year olds, but well, look at him. He is very far from grown up yet. Sometime next year, maybe, depends on how he is growing this year. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t activate that startling intelligence he displays.

Apocalipse is a very quick learner, which means that he is easily bored as well, and I am kind of jumping through hoops, trying to activate that ever present mind of his. He, in turn, is dying from jealousy whenever I ride Saleem, getting in the way as much as possible, and when I show up with Saleem’s bridle, Apocalipse always gets stuck in it somehow, accidentally ending up with at least one part of it in his mouth as I walk by with it in my hands. He is a young man who is very keen on growing up and getting challenged mentally. I am a hysterical horse-mom, very keen on waiting for his body to grow up before we expect anything from him.

apocalipse 004

This is going to be an interesting summer… I sure hope I am up for the challenge of training a young man like that. If I am a little lucky, he will be distracted for a few weeks when the foal arrives…

The best thing about him is his positive energy and his spunk. He is such a pleasure to work with. So easy. Which makes it even more important that I slam on the breaks and wait for him to grow up. He is a horse I could easily ride this year, compete with next year and put down the year after, because his body wasn’t strong enough for what I asked of him. I have seen it happen time and time again. Well, not to my horse, if I can help it.

So, Apocalipse and I will be doing a lot of ground work this year, hopefully we can have someone take a few pictures of us where we actually train something at some point, instead of just posing for the camera or eating the reins while mom is trying to adjust the ISO on the camera…


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