Off-Line-Notice… Maybe

What I should be doing, is pack. What I should be doing is figure out what I am going to need to spend the next 14 nights, maybe a month on my hayloft at the stable. What I am doing, is scrolling on face book and writing on my blog…

So, now that I am at it, what do one need to survive the cold spring nights at the stable, if you are not a horse? Me, I’m a fairly skinny kind of girl that always gets cold and unavoidably sick, whenever I look outside my house for too long. So I am going to need a lot of clothes, thermo clothes, and huge woolen sweaters… blankets, sleeping bags, my pillows, all of my pillows, very important… my toothbrush? Or should I just brush my teeth when I go home every day to shower and eat and check on my boyfriend and the cat? I’ll have to think about that…

Thing is, I am not really planning on sleeping much anyway. I am planning on stealing my friend’s laptop (with her consent,) and spend the nights writing, while I keep an eye on my pregnant mare. Which means, I am going to need coffee, and some kind of food, really…  If I’m real lucky, I can go home and sleep a few hours during the day, at least for the first week.

Tardis’ due date is technically not for another 14 days, I am just getting too paranoid to let her spend the nights alone anymore, so I am moving in tomorrow. Not tonight. They are saying it’s going to freeze tonight. I think I’ll stay home another night and start my stakeout tomorrow…

Oh better remember to bring all my books on a USB stick, so I can actually get some writing or editing done, while having nothing better to do in the cold and dark nights… I am planning on picking up my horsemanship book again now, but time will tell if my plans work out.

I remember when we camped on the pasture in a tent, waiting for Amalia to deliver, back in 2010. Back then, it was July, it was much warmer than it is now, and I had my boyfriend to help me. Back then we slept at night, taking turns to get up and check her and still, we were completely worn out before the foal arrived, three weeks late…

This time, I’m on my own. My boyfriend has got so much work right now with his Dark Mare Pictures, he can’t really take the time off and help me. Part of me is kind of okay with that, after all, I wanted that mare, it wasn’t really him who wanted a pony. Or a foal. Or a potential pony foal. Tardis was all my idea and I will see her pregnancy through.

So what food to bring… Popcorn, chips and chocolate? That sound about right? Hmm, maybe not. Cola, though, must have lots of cola… Oh wow, I don’t know.

And look what I just found on Face Book;


I couldn’t have said it better myself. No color on any ribbon ever defined my horse. They are all perfect!

No back to the problem at hand. I am going to need to make someone drive me. It’s going to be impossible to bring it all on bike… and I should try and bring some kind of transportable internet connection as well. Imagine 14 days, maybe longer, without internet?

I would actually have to write then… and not get distracted by face book, or you tube, or Hestenettet, (horse web) and all the wonderful horses for sale at the moment, that I am so not going to buy… No, really, maybe I should leave my internet at home. I think it would be nice for a change. Just me and the horses and the dark… and my own little magical world.

But what then, of this blog? No, no that won’t do… I must update my blog… I can’t just drop off the face of the earth, now can I?

Sounds appealing, actually. Just a little bit. More things to consider, and I am still not packing anything… Boy, I am lousy at this.

But well, just in case I do drop off the face of the earth for a while now, then this is the official off-line-notice. I WILL BE BACK once the foal has been born, ready to spam you with pictures, so hang tight, please.

Oh by the way, I just spoke to one of my online friends on face book, who wrote to me that he had just finished reading The Twins and well, I can’t quote everything he said, because it kind of gives away parts of the book, but here is some of it;

“I really can’t tell you how much I loved it!

And Thalid at the end! Oh boy! Suspense! And I don’t like him very much anymore… Not after what happened to Cazal in the mountain…
And I like Liam! At first I didn’t, but when he let his guard down for Cazal… Powerful… And now I hate the Red Wizards! Sick!
I’m sorry, I’ll quit rambling… It was just SOO good! It would make a great movie! I could tell a lot about your love for horses just from the book.”

You know, getting a response like that, plus the part of the response I had to edit out to keep the book unspoiled for new readers, is priceless to me. It feels so honest. I didn’t ask him to buy the book, I didn’t ask him to read it, and I wouldn’t have pressured him to tell me what he thought of it once he had read it. He told me this on his own accord. I didn’t ask him what he thought of it. He spontaneously wrote to me. That should be enough to keep a smile on my face through the first many cold nights ahead…

Okay, I better go pack now. Seriously. I will. Now. Go. Pack.



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3 Responses to Off-Line-Notice… Maybe

  1. If you drop of the face of earth, I will miss you, but good luck…

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