Night Two

Night two of my foal-stakeout. If I thought the first night was cold, I was wrong. This night was even colder, so cold in fact that I couldn’t stand to write anything, simply because the thought of having my hands above my thousand blankets were too horrible.

Another issue I discovered this night is that Marble dreams a lot when she sleeps, and being young, she sleeps a lot. When she dreams, her legs are kicking, and she is even neighing. Imagine that, in the cool night air, hearing above the wind, the frail sound of a small horse neighing. I sure woke up a thousand times, adrenalin rushing, thinking “oh no, Tardis had delivered her foal!” But no, Marble was just dreaming, again.

Saleem is a bit of a nightmare to sleep with as well, because he walks in and out of the house a million times every night, and every single time he must hit the doorstep with all four shoes. Bam, crach, buf, bang, Saleem is in tha house! Bam, stumble, boing, roll, Saleem has left tha house! And I’m lying there on my hayloft, thinking come on Saleem, just miss it with one of your legs! Just one! Oh he doesn’t have the greatest future as a show jumper…

Tardis is just about the only one I don’t hear, which is kind of bad since she is the one I am there to look after. Apocalipse is rather easy to live with as well, he doesn’t make too much noise, I only hear him when he lies down in the straw to sleep and when he gets up again. He hardly even snores…

I discovered though, that Tardis claims the house in the morning. I was up at 4 am, to check on her, since Marble was waking me anyway whit her sleep-neighing, and then I decided to open the fence and let them out on the grass, while I slept until morning. At about 7 am I heard Tardis enter the house, leaving the grass… I take that as a good sign. She is slowly learning when the house is “boy-free-zone.” With a little luck I’ll be able to help her a bit, with planning her delivery. Mares only give birth when they feel safe, so if I kick the boys out on the grass every morning, I could be lucky that Tardis delivered there, simply because it’s a safe-time of the day.

We will see. Maybe I am just rambling. Did I mention that it was really cold last night and that Marble and Saleem took turns waking me up every single hour?

Yeah, I’m home now, to shower, update my blog, eat and sleep a little, without a red Arabian trying to fall in and out of the house every other second, and without a two year old calling out in her sleep… just me and the cat…

I should ride Saleem tonight. I will. But now…



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