Night Three

Night three. Well, no foal yet. My plans for getting the gang used to the grass slowly are being thwarted though.  The last few days I’ve had them on the grass for a few hours every night, since I was there anyway at night, and could keep an eye on them.

When I had been home yesterday to shower and stuff, I arrived to find all four of them lined up along the fence, actively ignoring their hay, Saleem neighing every ten min, just to make me understand that they wanted to be let out on the grass now! I bet they thought I was the world’s stupidest human, when I didn’t get the message…

So they changed tactics. By midnight Apocalipse, Saleem and Marble started running up and down the fence, raising hell, making it impossible to sleep from them. I caved and let them through the fence and on to the grass, for the sake of my sleep and my pregnant mare…

I’ve actually got a bit of writing done as well, in the cold night hours. Luckily the wind died down, which makes it bearable to sleep on my hayloft. It still feels surreal. A foal. We are going to have a foal soon. A tiny little Arabian foal… I even dreamed just what she is going to look like last night… Not telling, no jinxing it… and I’m sorry, this post is very random, I am just pretty tired. Time to catch a few hours of sleep before I go back to the stable and continue my stakeout…

Fingers crossed she won’t deliver while I’m gone. Counting on the farmer next door to keep her occupied with all his heavy machinery most of the day, and absolutely counting on her not delivering unless there is absolutely peace and quiet around her… So, tonight then?

Who knows… I will have to wait and see…


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