Night Four

Night four. COLD. As in freezing, everything was white a few hours past midnight, and I know, for several reasons.

One of my friends LHK picked me up in the evening, insisting that I should eat something and that she would make me dinner. Having been on foal watch most of the day, I didn’t put up too big a fight… Thanks.

She then delivered me back to my stable at around nine in the evening, where Apocalipse and Saleem kicked up a storm and insisted on being let out on the grass. I bowed to their persistence, and opened the fence. LHK and I then spent about an hour sitting at my horse house, talking and laughing at Apocalipse and how he just couldn’t calm down. He and Marble, kept displaying that both of them were made for RUNNING!

Once LHK left, I just made it to my sleeping bag, when my other friend, the Dirty Vampire texted me and asked if she could come by. She only just arrived when Tardis left the green pasture and moved into the house, looking very asocial and quiet. The Dirty Vampire and I spent the next hours outside, watching her sleep, at a distance.

When I finally got to bed at around 1 am, Apocalipse and Saleem were back in business and kept running up and down the pasture for no reason, while Tardis kept leaving the house to graze, and come back to poke around, snort and seem unsettled.

I think I finally managed to get a few hours of sleep at around 5 am. I then woke up at 9, having forgotten to set my alarm and stumbled down my ladder to find four happy horses refusing to be lured off the grass with hay today. Okay, the girls came. The boys finally figured out that if they did show up, I would close off the grass.

Evil as I am, I placed a handful of food in a four buckets, and lured the boys in by letting them see the girls lick the bucket. As the boys were licking their buckets, feeling cheated, I closed the fence and turned to find Apocalipse breathing heavily, having eaten only half of his handful.

Oh well, hon, that’s why I want the grass closed off a little while longer. Stomachache you know. So Apocalipse and I spent half an hour walking around, until he felt a better and breathed easier, then I jumped on my bike and went home to eat and sleep… and update my blog.

Now I should eat and leave again as soon as possible. I really don’t like Tardis being alone too long anymore. Not as unsettled as she seemed last night… I still think it will be a few more days, a week tops, before the foal arrives, but one never knows. Some mares are the best actors on earth, you never see them coming, before it’s too late…


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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