Night Eight

Night eight. The gang slept tonight. All night. Right outside the house, keeping me awake all night. I don’t think I have slept for more than a few hours, I spent most of the night listening to them sleeping, wising they would just go and start grazing again.

Today has been hot. Tardis is lactating now. She has been much calmer than the other days. I am going to try with reversed psychology now. She is not going into labor tonight. The foal is not arriving tonight. And it’s a stallion…. By the way…

I am almost done writing my book on Natural Horsemanship though, having been writing a lot the last couple of days, cooped up in my hay lot.

I guess you must look on the bright side of things. The gang loves having me there at all hours of the day, and even if I worry that my boyfriend is alone with taking care of the cat back home, I guess it is mostly kind of nice to be on pregnant mare stakeout.


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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