Night Nine

Night nine. Oh well, no foal yet. The gang was very upbeat last night, I ended up splitting them up, giving Tardis some rest. I was a bit worried that she wouldn’t want to be alone though, so I dared not go to sleep on my hay loft. Instead, I spent the night in my sleeping bag, on the ground outside, watching her until four am when she asked to be let back to the others.

So, good news is, she CAN be on her own. That is nice to know for when the foal comes. Bad news it, she still has not delivered…

The gang has had a hot day today, the sun has been burning from a clear blue sky. I hosed them down by midday. Marble came and asked for it, when I was washing Saleem, so I washed her without a halter on. Amazing little girl.

Tardis didn’t like it though. She stood quietly, tense and slightly shaking all over as I gently got her a little bit wet. One must give her points for trying her very best and not acting up when she found it that uncomfortable. We are going to have to train getting wet, once the foal has arrived. As it is, I better not stress her out too much.

I rode Saleem as well, and he was great, for the first time, carrying himself almost like I would want it, although we had a bit of head flicking today as well. I washed him off when we were done and Marble and Apocalipse showed up and asked to be wet as well.

It is not THAT hot, really, they just find the water funny. I am loving their positive attitude.

So, getting ready for another night of foal-stakeout on my hay loft. Boy I could use some sleep by now…


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