Night Ten

Night ten. Quiet. I actually slept tonight. It rained. I figured she wouldn’t give birth in the rain. I even dared going home to hug my cat this morning- and SHOWER- thinking, hoping that she won’t deliever while I’m gone.

So, here are a few pictures from yesterday, enjoy!

maj 7 293

maj 7 211

maj 7 248

maj 7 151

maj 7 136

maj 7 264

maj 7 325

maj 7 011

Sorry for the picture spamming… I have nothing better to do most of the time, than take pictures of my gang, while we wait for the foal…Still pregnant…

maj 7 007

Of course, I write a lot these days as well, but you can’t sit on your hay loft writing 24-7, it will drive you nuts…


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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2 Responses to Night Ten

  1. jen says:

    You get such great action shots! I’m terrible at taking pictures (and even worse at finding the time to put them in my posts). My girls and I enjoy seeing all the pictures of your horses!

    • Starstone says:

      thank you, I am glad you like them 😉 To be honest, it’s very easy, my gang works like clockwork, they have special times of day where you should lie in wait with the camera.. right before sundown, its play time and all you got to do is wait for it… they never disapoint 😉 The good ting is that Apocalipse and Saleem may look violent, but they are not, they hardly touch each other 😉 Marble though, doesn’t play fair 😉 hehe
      these pictures were taken on a hot day where i had just washed them down- works every time. once they are done rolling, they run around like crazy until they are dry and warm again 😉 hehe

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