Meet Ablazing Legacy!

Night twelve, Tardis had been lactating all day, and she had been very restless. By evening, I closed off a part of the pasture for her so she could be alone, having learned from Amalia that mares shouldn’t deliver amongst the other horses.

Late in the evening, she started having a bit of contractions. Apocalipse smelled her across the fence and instantly understood that she needed defending- in a way I am SO proud of my little boy- and he turned on Saleem and Marble and chased them off. Saleem got angry, not wanting to be treated like that, Marble thought they were playing and in a second, all three of them were running up and down their pasture at top speed.

The next second, Saleem came flying sideways through the fence, having forgotten that I had put up the fence between their pastures. So, here I was with a mare in labor, a torn fence, a heartbroken Saleem, he was so sorry, he can never handle things like that, but luckily he didn’t tear himself on the fence, and the two little ones, wondering how Saleem got through the fence and if they should try too…

I just can’t have a foal without any drama…

Anyway, we got Saleem back on his pasture, repaired the fence and things settled down, although I am sure the incident delayed the delivery somewhat, scaring Tardis.

When her water finally broke, I was sitting outside on one of her feeding wheels, trying to keep an eye on her in the dark. It was two am. Usually you are told that mares want to be alone when they are to deliver, so I tried to give her space, while maintaining eye contact. If something went wrong, I would have to be able to act quickly.

Tardis came up to me, and threw herself at my feet once the water broke. Amazing horse. I only got her in October last year and she already trusts me this much. She came and delivered her foal right by my side and she chose to do so herself.

The foal was stuck. He is HUGE. It took both me and my boyfriend to pull him out, even the vet said afterwards that it was amazing that we got him out at all, considering how narrow Tardis’ pelvic is.

Ablaze couldn’t figure out how to drink milk either, he is far too tall, so it took us about an hour and a half, of Tardis waiting patiently while I got some of her milk on my fingers and made him suck them, trying to lead him to the udder. He nearly lost patience a thousand times, but in the end, he drank and we all breathed a little easier.

Still, Tardis didn’t deliver her afterbirth. With Ablaze running around like crazy, truly being Ablaze, she couldn’t keep up with him with all that hanging around her legs, so we had to place a halter on the new born fella to keep him from running through the fence and to help Tardis deal with him until she delivered.

It took six hours, by which time I had called my vet twice. They came early in the morning, just half an hour after she actually had delivered it by herself. Still, having the afterbirth delayed so long, we chose to have her washed out and treated locally with antibiotics to prevent infection.

But, without further ado, everyone, welcome Ablazing Legacy, Ablaze for short, my new stallion, born on May the tenth;


ablaze 1

ablaze 2

ablaze 3

ablaze 4

ablaze 5

ablaze 6

ablaze 7

ablaze 8

Tardis is the best mother ever. She talks to him, licks him, and keeps him from the fence at all times. She is amazing. I am so proud of her, for the way she has just handled everything perfectly and for how much she trust me with her little angel. What a wonderful, wonderful mare she is.

And even if I wanted a filly, I must say, Ablaze is perfect. Just the kind of Arabian I was looking for. So no complaints here, both of them are alive and doing well. Nothing else matters.


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6 Responses to Meet Ablazing Legacy!

  1. jen says:

    I am so excited for you! My girls have been ooohhing and aahhing over the pictures of Ablaze! He is adorable…and perfect! And so big! I’m glad everything worked out – thank goodness you were there. Have fun with the new baby! 🙂

  2. zanzanaglob says:

    Welcome Ablaze! ❤ Congratulations! 🙂

  3. He is adorable 😉 Congratulations 😉

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