I simply must post some more pictures of Ablaze. I just can’t help it…

blazie 5 blazie 1

blazie 3 blazie 2

blazie 4 blazie 6

blazie 7 blazie 8

Isn’t he a star? I mean really? Just a super star!

blazie 9

The more I look at him, the more I am convincing myself that he is not going to be gelded. I just discovered that pure Arabian stallions do not need to pass any licensing or performance testing, as long as they are only breeding other pure Arabians. Only if I want to use him on, say, Marble, does he need a license, for the foal to get papers… Meaning that if I can figure out a way to keep him as a stallion, without him constantly knocking up Marble and his mother- not going to happen- then theoretically he could be a breeding stallion as soon as he has grown up.

I would have to separate him from the mares though, at all times and I don’t want him to spend life alone, most stallions lead a miserable and lonesome life, but I am pretty sure Saleem wouldn’t mind keeping him company. As a matter of fact, it might even be nice for Saleem to be part of a much smaller “gang,” because he does tend to be pushed around a bit, and I do worry for him once Apocalipse and Marble grow up. It just may work. It just may be perfect…

I don’t know. It doesn’t hurt to dream a little, and plan ahead… And Ablaze really is a star.

blazie 10

I just realized something else as well. The Danish Championship for Arabians is being held next weekend. I am so going to be there and watch, it is going to be awesome!  And I am so bringing both Saleem and Tardis next year… Not for the championship part, but there are a lot of easier competitions at the event as well, so we could easily join in, I just discovered it too late for Saleem and me to take part this year.

And then I saw that the European Championship for Arabians is being held in Denmark this year, late in July. I mean seriously. Who is to say when that will happen again? I am so going to try and get Saleem ready for that, just for some of the easy parts. I don’t want to throw him off the deep end, but really, if we are going to do our first show this year, why not do it at the European Championship?

We just need to train trailer loading with him, big time. It’s a two hour drive. He needs to be able to be alone in the trailer. He really doesn’t like that. But, we have two months… better get training then. Even if we don’t make it to the European Championship in July, he is going to need the training at some point anyway, so it won’t be wasted. It will just be forcing me to finally get off my lazy ass, and do it.

We taught Apollon how to load and drive, so anything should be possible, and really, Saleem is a much nicer, and much easier, much more sensible horse. (No offence Apollon, my love.)

Oh and in other news, I am carrying a heart monitor-thing at the moment, checking out my irregular heart rhythm, and it is so annoying! I am instantly allergic to the electrodes… can’t wait to tear this bloody thing off me and throw it in the hospitals face, asking them what kind of metal they use for this s***, because I can’t be the only one responding allergic to it…


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