Ablaze And The Gang

I got the gang back together a few days ago, which is the reason for my rather absent online status lately. All in all, they are doing amazingly well. I had feared that Marble would be too interested in the foal, and she is, but she respects Tardis when she says no. I had feared that Saleem would be too in-your-face for Tardis to handle, but she deals with him and he backs off nicely. I had counted on Apocalipse to handle the situation well and most of the time he does.

Just, some of the time, he forgets to respect Tardis, he even gets angry when she tells him off for getting too close. I have been separating them a few times yesterday, simply because that kind of behavior is unacceptable. He must respect the mother of the foal, otherwise the foal is in danger.

I tried to split them up last night, leaving Saleem and Apocalipse on a different pasture for the night. Marble simply refused to be left alone with Tardis and the foal, so she was allowed to join the boys. Then Tardis freaked out, refusing to be alone with her foal again….

I love horses, I love horses, I love horses…. If I repeat it enough, I may believe it. So now, since I can’t help them, they are together and I have gone home, hoping the best…

Pictures, of course, first off my HUGE three year old, Apocalipse;

apocalipse huge

Almost not cheating, and standing on something… he LOVES being taller than me…


foal 1 foal 2

And the gang;

foal 3

foal 4 foal 5

Apocalipse and Marble thinks it’s hard to have a foal;

foal 6

Saleem and Marble thinks it’s really hard;

foal 7

Ablaze thinks it’s really unfair that they are sleeping in the hay….

foal 8 foal 9

So once Saleem is gone, one must sneak closer,

foal 10

And scare off the huge mare! Grr, bad-ass stallion, ears pinned and everything, off my hay!

foal 11

Oh he has got confidence that boy… Isn’t he wonderful?


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2 Responses to Ablaze And The Gang

  1. Maria says:

    He is so very cute and wonderfull. I love your comment “get of my hay!” 😀
    Hope to meet him soon 🙂

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