Farewell, Ray Manzarek

I’ve been hung up lately, with the horses again, mostly because of the rain, but now because Ablaze is haveing some trouble with his navel. Still, it didn’t escape my attention that one of my childhood heroes, Ray Manzarek, passed away on May the 20th.


For those of you who didn’t know- welcome to planet Earth- Ray was the keyboard player of The Doors, and the one who founded the band along with Jim Morrison.

Ray’s keyboard is the distinct sound of the band, the bleeding, the ever invasive, present, Hammond organ. Because the band didn’t have a bass player, Ray’s part was huge, since he played the bass on the keyboard as well.

Since the band split up, I have been keeping a bit of an eye on him, simply because I always adored his talent as a musician and even his version of Carmina Burana was quite ingenious, and I absolutely don’t like classical music. Still, hats off, for that one.


So, not much to say, their first real venue said if for me;

ray manzarek

The Doors, Light my Fire, perhaps their most famous song, if not their best, but the keyboard is there in this one as in everything else they ever did;

As my mom wrote on her face book wall, “my heroes are dying.”

True that mom. Sadly.

So thanks Ray, from this little Danish girl, who grew up listening to The Doors, and wanting to be a musician because of the four of you.


“Do you know how pale & wanton thrill full
Comes death on strange hour
Unannounced, unplanned for like a scaring over-friendly guest you’ve brought to bed
Death makes angels of us all & gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as raven’s claws.”


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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