Danish Championship For Arabians

Two of my friends and I were at the Danish Championship for Arabians yesterday. I must admit, I was considering bringing Saleem to the European Championship in July, since it is held in Denmark this year. I’d be a fool not too right? So I figured I’d check out the competition, see what the best Danish Arabs are like.

Hanging out with LHK, and competing myself all of my life, I am so used to looking at Danish Warmblood horses, and judging every horse by that standard, I must admit, before I went to the show yesterday, I wondered if Saleem was good enough. I mean, he is a bit flat in his gaits, maybe, and a bit too unstable at the front, and… seeing the other Arabs, I found myself smiling. Saleem is a really good horse!

No offence to anyone, but Saleem is actually much steadier, in his trot, and much more honest in his work moral, than most of the Arabs we saw yesterday. I must admit, I loved the show. The atmosphere, the NICE and SYMPATHETIC riding, the way all the horses- with one exception- was allowed to carry their head correctly in the dressage shows, no cruel hands forcing their hears down, no roll kur while warming up. For the first time, I was at a dressage show, and I didn’t want to kick and scream and tear half of the riders off their horses.

DM 008 DM 031

DM 035 DM 055

DM 064 DM 093

DM 243 DM 249

DM 262 DM 328

DM 347 DM 367

I sure have been in the wrong kind of horse world, all of my life. I went home looking at Apocalipse and Marble, who are not Arabs, and wondered, if I am ever going back…

Still, there was that one exception, Zonyx. Licensed in Danish Warmblood as well, Zonyx is the first Arab breeding stallion to make it that far, and well, it shows. First off, I ADORE this horse. He really is in his very own league. Even my own super stars, Saleem, Tardis and Ablaze is going to be hard pressed to compete with that in the future. I don’t think it can be done.

DM 099 DM 150

Good news is, the way they are riding him, he will be long gone before my horses get to be ready… Looking at Zonyx yesterday, showed the difference in the two worlds quite clearly. I have seen Zonyx ridden amongst the Danish Warmbloods often, and to be honest, when he is in that game, he is one of the horses that is ridden the best, the nicest, the most correctly. I have always excused the way he was ridden, mostly because all the others did so much worse. Yesterday, he was hands down, the worst, amongst his own, solely because of the way he was ridden.

DM 178 DM 191

He won, by the way, so even here, that kind of riding is rewarded… Anyway, fantastic horse, he did deserve it. But still, it leaves me thinking, even if they had not ridden him that way, he would have, should have won still. It feels unnecessary. It should be…

Maybe I am being unfair… Who knows… they did have some very good moments, and Zonyx is only 6 years old… Time will tell…

The show jumping part was great fun, it always is, even though only four horses competed. I am quite amazed by that. Time for me to get back in the game now, four horses at the Danish Championship? Are you kidding me? Saleem is so going to learn to jump soon…

DM 659 DM 662

DM 663 DM 668

DM 674 DM 689

DM 716 DM 747

All in all, the show was nice, quiet, calm, friendly, it felt good being there, no horses were yelled at or bitched about, the tone was nice, all the horses seemed happy. That is something I have never experienced at a regular show….

DM 276 DM 073

And still, as we left for the indoor hall, to see the youngsters shown, I was astounded. What a sad, sad moment for horsemanship.

Young Arabians must show themselves with their heads held high, tails held high, looking like they are just about to explode, nostrils flaring, and the like. That is achieved by people running behind them and along the tribunes with plastic bags on sticks, scaring the youngsters off their wits.

DM 432 DM 469

DM 540 DM 433

The whole time I was watching, I was thinking well, that’s another horse that is never going to be ridden, or showed again, because now it knows that the hall is a terrifying place where you must freak out, rear up and fight for your life.

To be honest, I would have loved to show Ablaze next year. I think he would do good. But I would never, ever, ever, ever, subject him to that kind of treatment. What a blow for the Arabian world, really. I guess that even if I fit in here, when it comes to riding the horses, I can never find a place where I truly belong.

One of the women, running up and down the tribune with a stick, turned to me and said, ‘oh she couldn’t care less,’ about a horse she failed to scare senseless. I was so astounded that she even spoke to me, me of all people, she complained to me, about not being able to scare a horse… I couldn’t answer. Of course she didn’t know me, but my first instinct was to slap her face… things like that, this kind of mentality, just piss me off. She left. Clearly she realized that she was gaining no sympathy from my friends and I, even without any of us speaking a word.

Still, Saleem and I are going to train now, trailer loading. We are so going to the European Championship in July. At least I hope so. I think it could be a very good show for him to do. So for now, that is our plan. Fingers crossed, it will all work out…

And I apologize for never being able to write a post about the world of horses without complaining about something, but honestly, I find it tragic that there IS always something to complain about. I swear, I wasn’t looking for trouble yesterday. I didn’t cause any. But I can bitch about it here, on my blog, where I get to speak my mind, or I would explode…


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