Saleem In Blue

Just a quick post. First up, Ablaze and the strange places you can sleep when you are a foal…

Saleem 003 Saleem 004

Second, Saleem in blue! (I know, the boots are green, for shame….!)

Saleem 098

Saleem 308 Saleem 323

I’ve been looking at that bridle for years now, mainly for Apollon, but well, he never got it. It used to be way out of my budget. My friends and I went to an outlet sale yesterday, and there it was, at a ridiculously low price. So, I have been looking at these pictures ever since, smiling at how much I love Saleem in it.

To be honest, it wouldn’t have fitted Apollon at all. It’s all about having the right kind of persona to fit a bridle like this one. Apollon was too serious. We tried it on Apocalipse yesterday as well, but other than being a bit too big, it just didn’t… pop on him. Nope, Saleem carries it well. It lights up the spark in his eyes, so to speak. But you need that special kind of spark, to carry it.

I was totally bad and bought the most beautiful bridle for Marble as well. Black and blood red leather. No pictures of that yet, she is only two years old, so it will be about two years before it leaves my closet, but I just couldn’t walk past it. It was the perfect bridle for my dark mare. Now she just needs to grow into it…


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4 Responses to Saleem In Blue

  1. He looks amazing in it, and can´t wait to see Marble in hers when the time comes…. 😉

  2. Maria says:

    Hes looking good in blue – My favorite colour 😉 Love the pictures of Blaze.. Must come and visit soon… Maybe a day in week 24. Next week are overbooked.. 🙂

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