Testing, Testing, Testing

Okay, so Ablaze is a stallion, and he is being raised by a teenage mother, who doesn’t exactly set up boundaries for him. Tardis is very easy going, and never tells him off.

So, he was about fourteen days old when I had a couple of days where he constantly reared up against me. I kept pushing him away, not so hard that he would fall, but enough to make him understand that I don’t want to be around him if he behaves like that. The very old, very easy, ‘Go  away and don’t come back until you can be good.’

It worked like a charm, actually it’s been almost a week since he reared up against me. It has also been almost fourteen days since my boyfriend has been by the stable, because he has been studying. Needless to say, Ablaze instantly tested him.

Ablaze 370 Ablaze 419

Ablaze 398 Ablaze 399

And tested him.

Ablaze 402 Ablaze 403

(No, he does not fall, his balance is perfect…)

Ablaze 409 Ablaze 410

And tested him.

Ablaze 460 Ablaze 474

For about an hour straight, he kept coming back, trying just one more time…

Ablaze 836 Ablaze 837

All the while, I must admit, I am impressed by the stamina, the stubbornness, the powerful spirit of such a young boy.

Ablaze 980 Ablaze 974

If anyone wonders, by the way, Ablaze has a bit of nerve damage in his face, making his lower lip dangle. It is caused by his birth, and the fact that he was far too big to be squished through his mother’s narrow pelvic.  It has corrected itself a lot, but when he is tired, it still hangs rather loosely. The vet is not worried, she says it will correct itself, and I believe her.

Ablaze 792 Ablaze 909

So, once again, isn’t he wonderful? Here I was, thinking that Apocalipse had spirit and stallion-temper when he was a foal, and he did. Big time. But, he was never as stubborn as Ablaze, never as persistent. Apocalipse’s mother told him off. I am realizing now, how much Amalia helped me raise him and how much Tardis is not helping me raise Ablaze. Trust me, the mother of the foal is the most important thing in the world, because the foal copies and respects only her at first.

Ablaze 518 Ablaze 602

Still, I refuse to fight me little superstar on this, or on anything else. We take it easy, and work our way through it, while I am secretly waiting for my boyfriend to finish his exams and come by more often, so he can entertain the foal while I train Tardis. All things start with her.

Ablaze 740

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3 Responses to Testing, Testing, Testing

  1. jen says:

    That little blurb about the nerve damage is interesting. Tequila’s lower lip kind of does that. I bet she has nerve damage from the same incident (not sure what the hell happened, as it was before I owned her) that almost tore her tongue in half. I love how I always find answers in your posts to my own little horse and kid problems. 🙂

    • Starstone says:

      hehe well, glad to be of help 🙂
      Ablaze should recover in time, he is already able to control it much better now, it only dangles when he is really tired now 😉
      I’m not sure if a grown horse can recover quite as easily as a foal, but if it doesn’t bother her, its just one of those little things you live with and learn to love 😉

      • jen says:

        It makes her look adorable, and I didn’t even think much about it until I read about Ablaze! 🙂

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