Okay, not a horsey post for a change. Time to bitch a bit about one of my other passions- music. Basically, we all know I cut my finger last week, on a pair of scissors. What I haven’t told yet, is that later that same day, my guitar broke one of its strings on its own accord. (Pun indented.)

Anyway, I’ve been rather busy with the horses lately, so I haven’t got around to change strings on it until tonight, when the string broke I just removed all of them so it wouldn’t damage the guitar. Now, that was a mistake, because clearly, I haven’t been changing strings on my guitar for years, (which is why it broke…) and I completely forgot how.

I know, it’s not rocket science. Still, it’s annoying. I had managed to place three of the new strings on it before I noticed that I was doing it wrong… well, start over then… how many wrong ways can you do it? Actually, quite a few…

But, in the end, I got all six strings on, and looking right. I am rather pedantic when it comes to my guitar. I want it done right and at the same time, I am lazy enough to cut corners anywhere possible…

Tuning a guitar with six new strings on it is a night mare… really, truly a nightmare. I even managed to confuse my tuner so much it gave up on a pair of the strings and I had to use my own ear to hear where we were going… can you imagine that? A musician, having to actually listen? Oh, that won’t do… where are we when the machines fail?

I did discover though, that I can play, even with the cut in my finger, if I’m careful, which is awesome, since the girls and I were set on playing this Friday. (Fingers crossed nothing – else- gets in the way.)

In other musical news, I just bought John Barrowman’s ‘Tonight’s the night’ which is a really awesome CD. So not the music I usually hear, not at all, but I can’t help it. I love his voice and his spirit. And the first two tracks, ‘I owe it all to you,’ and ‘What about us,’ are going to be on repeat for a long while… Oh yeah, be warned…

I got HIM’s ‘Tears in Tape’ as well, twice actually, because the first time they sent it to me, Amazon forgot to add the CD and just sent me the bloody Metal Hammer magazine… I must admit, I didn’t instantly love that CD, but it’s been on my mp3 lately, and it is growing on me, much like ‘Screamworks’ did. I’ve been trying to write a review of it for a while now, but I don’t feel that I can just yet. Somehow I keep thinking that there is more to it than what I hear at first. I just need to give it time… I wasn’t impressed with Screamworks when I first heard it, and still, by now, I think it’s one of the CD’s I have I have heard the most. I keep coming back to it. Tears on Tape feels the same way. I can’t pin point why just yet, but it really is a good CD.

Clearly I am a bit slow, cutting my finger, forgetting how to change strings on  guitar, still not being able to say why I like the new HIM CD… bear with me, I will get there at some point.

Anyway, better go tune the bloody guitar again- new strings need tuning a lot, they drop keys like crazy- and then I should sleep. Really. But that would mean that I had to turn off John Barrowman… not sure that is possible… Although I am sure my neighbors think it is way overdue.


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