Lost In Space

I got a call today, from my dear friend Noel Heart, saying that I’ve been quiet lately. Well, she is right. I have been off line a lot, only logging in once a day, to spam my blog with pictures of my dear horses.

So, here is why. My friend, LHK, and I have between us nine horses, two of them foals. We have been busy… Mostly with getting her four year old ready for his first shows this year, and getting my six year old ready for his first show.

And of course, training my two youngsters, and getting her mare back in training with the foal at her side. Here Louvre and Rosenheim;

louvre 2 louvre 3

Yes, it’s a good mare, fantastic temper.

On my part, I have been training Saleem as much as possible, if you hadn’t gathered that from all the pictures, and today we started him on trailer loading. He is actually doing very good, he wasn’t spooked by the trailer today, which is a new development. Still, the problem with him was never that he couldn’t load, or be driven, it is, that he can’t drive alone. As soon as you close behind him and he discovers he is on his own, and trapped, he has a meltdown.

So, we are going to work on that. If we can’t drive him alone, he is not going to any shows until Tardis is ready to come with him, and that would be kind of annoying, since we do have the European Championships in two months time and there is no way Tardis is going to be broken in and ready to come along by then, with her beautiful little foal, still too young.

Apocalipse does volunteer to come along, though. He loads easily and takes everything in stride. He sure is telling me that he does have a bright future as a ‘competition horse.’ Still, at three years old, and unridden, I am not thrilled to bring him…

Marble found her match with the trailer. Her usual fast forward button suddenly got stuck in reverse when she saw it. So, we just looked at it today, and smelled it, and touched it… It is going to take time with her, but she is still young and we are not driving her anywhere anytime soon…

We are not training Tardis yet. I have had some really creepy cars drive up to my pasture lately, looking at my foal. Somehow I find it comforting to know that my mare can’t be loaded, until Ablaze gets his chip and his paperwork in order… For now, we changed batteries in our surveillance camera and set up motion sensors and light… Better safe than sorry, if anyone of those creepy cars would get away with nicking my foal, I want their registration plates…

But, enough about that. I am going from being very excited about the upcoming shows, from looking at my beautiful Saleem and thinking it is going to be awesome to show him, and to freaking out over having to drive him. I HATE driving horses with a vengeance. Fifteen years with Poseidon sure left its mark on me. Trailers are dangerous. I keep telling myself that we did manage to teach Apollon to load and be driven, and that Saleem is a much more sensible horse. Of course we can do it…

But what if we can’t and we get stuck on the freeway with a panicky horse, tearing the trailer apart?

So, yes, I am still struggling with my crazy head and all the demons Poseidon and Apollon taught me to fear, only slowly realizing that the beautiful young horses I have now, are not like that. These ones, you can reason with. These ones, you can count on, once they have learned something, they remember it. Once something is installed, it doesn’t magically delete itself the second you look away. I know. But I can’t help from worrying…

Aside from that, I have been writing on my newest project, my Sci Fi book. It is actually turning out to be quite an amusing experience, to leave my old and dear paths of fantasy behind for a while.

I am returning soon though, as soon as I get a moment of quiet, without something we need to remember to do with the horses, to work on the book I am writing with Noel, the Kiss, the Dragon and the Werewolf. I kind of know exactly what I am going to write next, I just need time to do it… and maybe read up on the book a little, it’s been a while since I’ve opened that document.

But, mostly, it’s the horses, causing my silence. There are so many things to plan when you suddenly want to go from having five young horses on your pasture, to using them for shows. You need to join the right federations, lots of paperwork and stuff, and you need to look at your equipment and find a white saddle pad, and – oh horror- a saddle… You need to figure out who can drive the horse, if you manage to teach it to be driven, you need to rent a trailer… lots of things to drive me even more insane than I usually am.

So, apologies. I will try to be more present in the future, but I can’t promise much over the next two months… and I keep forgetting the dates where we are going with my friends four year old in the fall… but one show at the time… first one up is Blue Hors at the end of this month where we are- hopefully- bringing both Louvre, Rosenheim and Dorién, her four year old. Then, the European Championship for Arabians, at the end of July, where we are- hopefully- bringing Saleem. At least that is what we are working towards at the moment, and it does take time. My boyfriend is studying for his exams like crazy at the moment, so he is no help at all.

Just two girls, nine horses and a lot of ideas, dreams and too little time… something is going to be dropped on the floor, and for me, it has been my online presence. I am still writing. I am always writing. I have to. I can’t not write. My little head needs the escape from the real world once in a while, and at the moment, I have been lost in space.

No further though, than I can be reached by a cell phone….

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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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2 Responses to Lost In Space

  1. sammerson says:

    I started a new job in November, working for a horse trainer. I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly as all I ever wanted to do was learn more about horses and how to train them. We board at our facility and last night we had a new mare come in, a Shire. I’ve never really had too much trouble with trailering my horses, other than getting them in, but once we got past that point they stayed relatively calm and I never really even gave thought that being inside the trailer could be a bad situation. Until last night when this poor little mare came in. When she came off the trailer she had battle scars from fighting inside the trailer. I can’t blame the owner, she was insanely upset, and rightfully so. She had hired a company to trailer her horse for her and since the mare had never had an issue with trailers and was fine at loading, she didn’t think much of it. When she got here last night though the transport company admitted to knowing that she was having a bit of a panic attack on the ride over and they didn’t bother to stop once and check on her. I was disgusted with these people and it’s not even my horse. I’m sure the owner is going to try to pursue this issue further.

    Anyways, the point of this long comment is, you are justified in your fear of trailering and driving your kids, we take it for granted when they do well without really thinking how we would feel if we were shoved in a giant metal box and drove around at speeds greater than anything we, ourselves, could obtain. They will get there though, I’m sure in a couple of months, when you are writing to tell us about Saleem’s success, you will also be able to report on how well he did on the ride to and from the show!

    • Starstone says:

      I know, it can go horribly wrong… it’s not enough to teach the horse to load, it must learn to drive as well, and be cool about it… I have seen my fair share of trailer injuries and I am horrifies that I am not preparing my horses enough… If I had my way, I would spend forever preparing them and never drive them anywhere 😉

      And as much as I want to show him, nothing is worth putting his safety at risk. So yeah, we will train, and see if we get ready to go… If not, we’ll take the Dansih Championship next year and bring Tardis, once she is done with being a full time mom 😉
      That way he won’t have to drive alone… 😛
      I am a chicken, but I guess it comes with having seen too much 😉

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