Muahahaha the pink and fluffy space ship named Amy… this is so brilliant! 😀


I have this idea of writing a series of small childrens stories, but I needed some inspiration, so I asked a friend to draw some of the characters, I want to use.





I want the small stories to be sweet, fun and a bit surreal. I am already working on the first story, and I enjoy to write in a childish univers. Many of the stories will be inspired by my own kids, and what they like. And I talk to Veronica Merlin about borrow some of the Characters from The Kiss, The Dragon and The Werewolf.

The unicorn is coloured by one of my sons, and it is not in the colours I want it be be, but it really doesn’t matter right now.

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  1. Frederik made his version of her, she is cute LOL….

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