Lock And Load – Danish Championship Dressage 2013

Okay, I know I keep bitching about the dressage riders that ride on top level. I know I have said it all before, but here we go again, lock and load. I felt like shooting quite a few of the riders from this weekend’s Danish Championship. It is quite horrible how animal abuse has not only become legal, but is rewarded as well.

Honestly, we didn’t go there to take ugly pictures. Honestly we weren’t even planning on going. Then we found out that Hasse Hoffmann and Princess Natalie were holding a clinic before the finals. Foolish as we were we went there to see that, only to find that the whole program had been moved an up an hour and Hasse and Natalie were long gone. Since we were there anyway, we settled for watching some dressage.

I had expected lousy horsemanship, cruel hands, horses with open mouths and such, but never in my wildest imagination did I expect how many horrible pictures we came home with. In fact, I pity the journalist that has to try and find a good picture of most of the riders… I am not sure it can be done…

So, let’s start with the ones that were sympathetic riders and well trained horses;

IMG_1994 IMG_2336

IMG_2774 IMG_3429

Not perfect, but rather nicely working horses.

Here we have the new Danish Championship winner;

IMG_3690 IMG_3418

IMG_3339 IMG_3352

I have no comments. Nothing to say at all. I believe I have said it all before.

And here, her trainer and another man from their stable;

IMG_2729 IMG_2713

IMG_2690 IMG_2682

IMG_2848 IMG_3389

Now, I must say, watching the one guy tear his horse around by the double bit, hyper flex it openly, overextend it half of the time, and all in all displaying a terrible lack of compassion, of empathy, of decency, of understanding for the fellow creature he was working with, I felt sick. I actually started looking around for officials, wondering why he was allowed to openly abuse his horse like that. In my world he should, not only have been disqualified, but reported for animal abuse. That kind of behavior is not, under any circumstances, in any way shape or form, acceptable.

So, way to go Helgstrand Dressage. Just when I thought the world of horses couldn’t get any uglier, you guys did it again… Congratulations on the gold medal, I guess it was Anna’s turn by now… That is the only reason I can phantom as to why she won and why you three were even allowed to show your abused, broken and tortured horses.

And let’s be fair. There were a LOT of terrible riding, but nothing like what the riders from Helgstrand Dressage managed to display…

So, the top of Danish dressage, ladies and gentlemen… oh boy, are we a proud nation…

And for the record, we have about 2000 of these pictures, this is NOT one lousy shot, taken out of context. If anyone wants to see them all, contact me on email; house.feanor@gmail.com


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23 Responses to Lock And Load – Danish Championship Dressage 2013

  1. You said it.. There are no words that descripe how awful the world of dressage has become… It make my blood boil looking at this..

  2. sammerson says:

    I don’t know much about Dressage, if I’m honest. But just as someone “looking at horse pictures” I actually think the first set LOOK better. Why would they even want to awkwardly bend their horses to look like that? It just doesn’t look natural at all. Is that look, assuming you could get it without harming the horse, what the judges are hoping to see?

    • Starstone says:

      It shouldn’t be…. the horses head should be placed with the neck (the ears) as the highest point, and the nose on a vertical – or a little in front of a vertical line….

      this is just sick, and down right legal animal abuse and I am horriefied that it is done in public and that no one, stops it.
      I know, I didn’t either. But I am busy sending these pictures, and the 2000 others, everywhere I can, because I really think the world of horses need to start respecting the horse and this is not just a problem in Denmark….

    • Starstone says:

      Oh and the head should not be forced into position, by a strong hand pulling on the bits… It should carry it’s head naturally high, because it places weight on its hind legs and gets an ‘uphill’ kind of movement, if that made sense… at all times, you are supposed to be able to let go the rein and the horse should stay in shape….

  3. Reblogged this on noelheartpoet and commented:
    It just shouldn’t be going on, if people can’t treat their horses with respect, they shouldn’t be allowed to have them.

    • Starstone says:

      I just don’t get it, I mean imagine someone tearing a dogs mouth with two iron bits, while kicking it in the ribs with iron wheels, imagine someone showing a dog with a BLUE tongue… the police would be all over the place! but no, its a horse, so its okay…

      • It is terrible, I think the only thing we can do, is to keep on screaming up about, even though I am not sure it will help.
        And yes you are right, if it had been a dog, the police would have reacted on it. But it is “ONLY” a horse, I hate the way they think. I remember we once called the police about a horse, because in was standing in a rope in a garden and the owners were away for a few days, it stood without water, the police wouldn’t do a damn thing, so we gave it water, it was in the summer.

      • Starstone says:

        I am not sure when a horse stopped being an animal and became an object you could treat anyway you wanted,… and it will help, screaming, at some point, someone must hear us, I have to believe that….

      • They will at some point. But it will always feel like it were too late, they heard it.
        I don’t know either, but too many do treat them as objects,

      • Starstone says:

        It does… Sigh… but I am good at screaming and I am not afraid of being black listed, just saying if I am found dead in my bed someday, look to the world of horses 😛

  4. jen says:

    I really, really, really do not understand one single bit of dressage, but I also have to say that I don’t get the horses’ heads being put in that awkward position. It looks painful. Do people really think that looks pretty? To me, my horses are at their prettiest when they are absolutely natural and able to hold their heads wherever they feel most comfortable. Maybe that’s not the correct way to look at it…I don’t know. In the Western Pleasure show ring, they seem to like the heads to be so low that the horse’s nose almost touches the ground! Why do humans have this obsessive need to modify how the horse carries itself? It seems like the horse would know what’s comfortable and what’s not and arrange itself accordingly. But this is coming from someone who wouldn’t enter a show ring for a million dollars…I just like to putter around on the trails and around the yard. I may be missing the whole point…

    • Starstone says:

      this is painful, no doubt about it…
      Dressage should be about bodybuilding, about building a strong, horse that can last for many years. Originally it was war horses, and they needed to be alert, obidenet and strong. that is what dressage should be…

      And you are right, where the head is palced doesn’t matter at all… even in dressage you are not supposed to place the horses head anywere, you are supposed to make it carry most of its weight on its hind legs and once it does that, it will raise the head by it self…

      this is just cheating, destroying the horse and having nothing to do with dressage at all…

      And this comes from someone who would love to compete, but never, ever against that kind of abused horses… I still think that dressage, as it should be, about building a good, lasting horse, can be beautiful. This is just a disgrace…

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  6. laterschlatter32@yahoo.com says:

    Thank you for sharing. Completely agree it is abusive and cruel. Sad that humans are so barbaric to a sensitive creature like a horse. Can anything be done about this?

    • Starstone says:

      Not really… but we try the best we can!

      • I read what the Danish Equestrian Federation had to say. Interesting how politics and money play in this. They give the impression that they are too high class to respond (yet they do) and too diligent to have to investigate this (which obviously shows they know and don’t care). “To pass judgement based on a snapshot…” Really? Who actually will believe this? Even people that do not know anything about dressage can see this is abuse. DEF….have you no shame? You are claiming to be high class, yet every humane person can see how dirty you are.
        Thank you, Starstone for revealing this to the world. Parelli has trained some top riders in this field and not one…..NOT ONE would condescend to this level.

      • Starstone says:

        Unfortunatly, this is the world of horses… everyone looks after their own, and those with most money, and the horses tend to get lost somewhere along the way… but yes, this is unacceptable and disgraceful….

  7. Lisbeth Thostrup says:

    Thank you for sharing! I will send you an email regarding the photos.
    At least a lot of people are upset after seeing the pictures on FB. Hopefully both Ecco and The Danish Federation will feel the heat.

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