Not Letting It Die Just Yet

No, I am not letting it die just yet, so here are my face book album from the Danish Championship in Dressage 2013, please feel free to share…

With thanks to the 225 others, who have already shared the album…

The article on Epona TV, so I guess that all we got from this is a total camera ban! Don’t we just love the world of horses?

And once again, all pictures is taken in a public place, by me or my friend, with a very good zoom, because some of the riders are known for chasing off photographers, (small wonder,) and there were NO OFFICIALS  anywhere at the entire show, so conveniently no one to complain to.

As a last side note, I repeat, we have about 2000 pictures of this final, 90% of them are like this, anyone who would like to see all of them, contact me on email,


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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