Animal Show

Just to display that I never set out to take ugly pictures, I really don’t, I think I am going to post some of the pictures I took at the local Animal Show this weekend. Another thing these pictures prove, in light of the recent debate about our Danish top dressage riders, is that yes we do have a problem with the sport, but luckily, ordinary people still know how to ride their horses…!

Cool kids and ponies, riding a beautiful, well rehearsed Quadrille;

IMG_4838 IMG_4902

Breeding stallions shown with rider.

IMG_5001 IMG_5044

IMG_5115 IMG_5152

IMG_5068 IMG_5159

IMG_5207 IMG_5252

All the different breeds together.

IMG_5406 IMG_5422

IMG_5498 IMG_5521

IMG_5620 IMG_5628

IMG_5653 IMG_5792

IMG_5814 IMG_5818

To my great surprise and joy, a Natural Horsemanship instruction, specifically about how not to roll kur your horse, thumbs up!

IMG_5862 IMG_5937

Driving horses.

IMG_6158 IMG_6251

IMG_6204 IMG_6207

The western club, showing their horses. As you can see, it’s not big in Denmark, sadly.

IMG_6316 IMG_6366

OX Arabians;

IMG_6383 IMG_6397

Belgian horses;

IMG_6427 IMG_6436

And because this is Denmark, then came the rain, as the Shires went on;

IMG_6462 IMG_6470


The Frisians;

IMG_6502 IMG_6498

And then we bolted for the car… Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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2 Responses to Animal Show

  1. sammerson says:

    Love me some Friesians, my absolute favorite breed, we don’t have too, too many of them over here but we had one at the stable once, He was the sweetest guy ever!

    All that being said…that darn Fjord foal is too darn cute!!!

    • Starstone says:

      Hehe I got to admit, I was looking at the shires and wondering how big a pasture I would need to have one of those and if my Ferrier would finally disown me if I bought one 😉
      It’s always funny with the different breeds 🙂 I love the heavy cold bloods as well, and I would never, ever want to own one 😉

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