Gone Viral

”I have a splitting headache- from which the future is made.”

-Jim Morrison

Oh Snap! I think we poked a hornets’ nest and I think that the ones to go down for it, maybe once again, us.

Anyway, the by now legendary pictures my friend and I took at the Danish Championship last week, have gone viral. We did hope that would happen and at the same time, it is terrifying.

We are on Eurodressage now;


350 people have shared the album on face book, here it is, if you haven’t seen it yet;


I have had about 50 friendship requests in the last 24 hours. The pictures have been displayed on Epona.TV;


Which landed us in a total camera ban at the upcoming European Championships;

“According to the media guide to the European Championships, ”It is not possible to shoot any footage anywhere on the showground without persmission from the organisers. This specifically includes footage to be shown on the internet. Those organisations wishing to shoot footage on the grounds must have a media credential as well as a permission to shoot footage.”

”Those approved to shoot footage will be granted a special sticker to be placed on their camera. Only cameras with this sticker will be allowed to shoot footage, and then only in approved areas.”

And just last night we found out that DRF, the Danish Equestrian Federation have seen the pictures and issued following statement;


“We are 100% behind Anna and her riding. We know Anna and her family through many years, and one thing is certain – horse welfare is and has always been a first priority for Anna and the family, and they are an example to follow.”

 So, way to go, DRF, if those pictures (we took at a public event, in full view of the public by the way, no sneaking around or hiding to get the worst shots possible, no we simply pointed the camera in the direction of any random horse and came home with 2000 pictures, 90% of which were horrifying to behold…) can cause a total camera ban at the next big event, I must say, it sounds like you have something to hide, no matter if you are 100% behind Anna or not…

And FYI, it wasn’t Anna that did the worst riding, WE never said that at all, we just spread the pictures around, if you chose to make it about Anna, because she won, then so be it. But really, that guy on Nintendo, I refuse to learn his name, he was by FAR the worst. I guess it is easier to focus on Anna though, we can excuse her, she is a sweet little blonde girl, who we have all known for years…?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the world of horses owned up to this for a change? If DRF stepped up and said, no, this is not acceptable, and we will try to make a difference? But then again, I guess it would be a cold day in hell before something so close to a miracle would happen…

Did I mention that the president of the Danish Equestrian Federation is the father of one of the riders in the pictures?

So, here is what I can do. I can say THANK you DRF, you just spoon fed me a great story! I was wondering if I should send the pictures to the newspapers, but I didn’t want to do that without a story, telling them what is happening. It had to be explained so that people who knew nothing at horses wouldn’t just look at the pictures in wonder.

Now, all I got to do is send this to any paper that will take it and say one thing, if this was not abuse, why would they be banning all cameras from now on? If they had nothing to hide, why hide it then?

It’s almost too easy.

As a last note, once I am found as a victim in a hit and run accident, it was not an accident. Once I am found trampled by my horses, remember, I am a trainer in Natural Horsemanship, that does not happen. Once I am found to have committed suicide, then this is MY official statement; I would never, ever do that.

Am I scared? Honestly, yes. I really am. I have been blacklisted before, but never on this scale. I think I should pack up my things, my horses and my cats and leave the country. Trouble is, this is all over the internet by now, all over the world, so really, where am I to go?

That said, keep sharing those pictures, keep talking about it and remember why we are doing it. This is not a personal crusade on my part, I know none of the riders, I just know that I can’t stand idly by and watch animals be abused and I am glad to see, that others feel the same way. Thank you all, for your love and support, it is nice to meet someone with heart and soul!


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4 Responses to Gone Viral

  1. Reblogged this on noelheartpoet and commented:
    Read it and follow the links, look careful on the pics, you will see several horses with blue tongues doe to rollkur…

  2. I suppose there are times in your life when you just have to be brave. So keep up the good work!

  3. Eirin says:

    Don’t give up the good work…you guys did something very brave by putting those pictures on the internet..and it has spread like a diease, hopefully..one day you will be able to compete in all genre bridless or even tackless. Think is discusting that it’s allowed to ride with those bits and all that tack and not a rope halter..witch is cosiderd like a natural hackamore. Thank you for sharing the footos..really make people more aware 🙂

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