Three Arabians

So, before the world imploded, I usually showed pictures of my pretty little horses, and well, I am not going to stop that. First up, my four year old Tardis, her foal and me, sitting on her for the very first time;

IMG_6576 IMG_6597

Ablaze sure was a huge help, making sure she didn’t run away, by holding the rope for me… 😉


Ablaze, taking his evening run as the sun was setting and the weather became bearable again;

IMG_6644 IMG_6683

IMG_6691 IMG_6735

And Saleem, my six year old Arabian gelding. Yes, we still have problems with the canter, but at least now we do HAVE a canter, so we are on the right track.

IMG_6907 IMG_7076


He is doing very good by now, shaping up as I had hoped for. It has taken me some time to figure him out, but I think I am finally learning just how we need to proceed in our training. Time will tell.


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