A Glimpse Of The Future?

I mentioned briefly, in one of my other Rollkur related posts, a veterinarian that had explained the miss-beat in most horses these days, with the ”fact” that horses now a days are being bred to ”hold their front legs in the air longer, to the extent that it compromises the beat and the cooperation with the hind legs.”

So, here we are, explaining away why Rollkur trained horses no longer have a two beat trot, a four beat walk, or a three beat canter. They are bred to keep their front legs in the air longer, and their hind legs simply can’t keep up….! What a load of BS…!

Here is, for instance, a very simple explanation of Passage;


Anyone can understand that, and don’t tell me that Anky’s horse, the black one, is simply bread to tense his hind legs…!

So, here is my concern. Where are we headed in the world of horses these days? What is next if our vets are explaining this away? Are we going to end up like the horses in this video, “simply” being bread to walk funny?

WARNING, horrible pictures, of severe animal abuse;

I bet you, at one point, the Tennessee Walking Horse was just a horse with a bit of a high front leg walk. If this is what it takes, to be a walking horse champion, if this is the lengths some people will go to, to “train” their horses, to win money, one must fear greatly for the world of dressage.

Could we end up, just like that? Are we not heading down that path already? Do we not have this new term in dressage, “cool front legs” ? Isn’t that what we are aiming for? If our vets explain away clear miss beats with breeding already, where are we then in ten, twenty years?

What happens if the public allows themselves to believe that, like they clearly do with the Tennessee Walking Horse?

I must admit, I was horrified to watch the Walking Horse video and even more so when my boyfriend, sitting next to me, said well, is that dressage in the future? I had not made that connection myself, but when he did it, it sent a chill down my spine, because he could be right. This could be where the sport of dressage is heading, couldn’t it? We are already allowing circus acts to win, instead of well trained horses, we are already explaining away why most high level dressage horses have a two beat walk, a four beat trot and a four beat canter, and why only their front legs are lifted off the ground.

So what is next? Can we explain away anything, in time, or is someone going to say no? Haven’t we gone far enough already?

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4 Responses to A Glimpse Of The Future?

  1. equinelover says:

    It’s bred. I used to have TWH’s. Unshod trail horses. People have been working for decades to get that evil, abusive big lick crap stopped. Follow the money. And yes, that’s where dressage is heading. And the abusive QH “western pleasure” horse. And any species, any breed that humans decide to breed and show for money and prestige. It ALWAYS ends up abusive, ALWAYS.

    • Starstone says:

      Haha yeah, of course it is, I must be tired 😛

      Thanks 😉
      It sure would be nice, if it wasn’t so. Maybe we should remove all money prizes…. that would kill the sport completly, but maybe that’s what we need to do… start over..

  2. sammerson says:

    The sad reality is, Dressage appears to be way behind and is finally deciding to catch up. I remember when I was very young, a friend of my parents had TWH’s and back then she was ostracized in the horse community because she refused to train her horses the “correct” way.

    Racehorses are seen as nothing more than paychecks. Western pleasure horses have been forced to carry heavy weights in order to keep their heads lower, or worse, they are tied with their heads unusually high for up to 24 hours at a time in an effort to “break down” their neck muscles. Unfortunately this is what occurs when the desire to win–or otherwise achieve a training goal–overcomes the dictates of fair play and humane treatment.

    The longer that people perceive horses as a means of making money, and forget that the whole reason they started this in the first place was because they enjoyed it and loved their horses, the harder and harder it will become for people like you and I to be “successful” because we will continue to refuse to subject our horses to the “new and Improved” training methods.

    • Starstone says:

      Oh don’t get me started on race horses, that is one of the few things that always gets me up on my soap box….
      they are broken in as one year olds… When I bought Marble, as a one year old, she was signed up for racing this summer, you know the two year races… you have got to be kidding me!
      As for the forced head of the western horses, I didn’t know that, but I do know that a lot of dresage horses learn to “accept” the bit that way too…
      It never fails to amaze me how many cold harded idiots are out there still and how in this day and age, with so much online access and so many cameras, it can still go on….

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