Music, Cat’s And Waiting…

Going to play with the girls today! Wuhu, can’t remember the last time we played, but I know my guitar broke its strings since and has had them replaced and sounds horrible because the new strings haven’t settled yet and I couldn’t care less.

So, I am sitting here in front of the computer, trying to figure out something intelligent to say in a short matter of time, before I am picked up, and what I should be doing, is wake up my boyfriend and teach him how to feed the horses while I am away.

Of course, I’ll be out there tonight, to check up on everything, and of course, (and HUG my foal,) the horses could wait until tonight, after all they have grass and rather unlimited access to hay, but still… I would really like him to go feed Tardis while I play with the girls. After all, she is a four year old, with a month old foal at her side… and no, she is not skinny anymore, but she is not fat either…

And he just handed in his last school assignment yesterday, after sitting up for almost 48 hours straight to finish it, so he does have vacation. And he does need to sleep… Still, making the cat wake him in a second… wait for it…

So, music… I keep forgetting how happy it makes me, just thinking about playing… Oh yeah, there goes the cat… muahahaha, you can always count on Life to get restless at some point….


She is doing great by the way. Really great.

Okay, better be off. Ha, for once a post that said nothing, inspired nothing, made no one freak out or feel sick or fly off the handle…

No wait, one last thing, I am pretty much freaking out over our mail office by the way… I’ve been on a stake out for the last three days, watching the mail man every morning, waiting for parasite treatment for Apocalipse and Marble- yep, we got those summer sores again, remember the strange wounds on Marble’s lips last year? They are back…

So I called the vet and said, Scream! Make it die!

She said, what do you need, I’ll send it to you… got to love a vet who knows that I know just as well how to treat it as she does… and the idea was really good, except for one thing… our bloody, fricking, post office…!

It wasn’t in the mail today either, I am starting to wonder who I should sue for the delay… Come on, parasite treatment and antibiotics, stuck in the mail, in this heat for so long, now until Monday, that’s just foolish, not to mention, I really do need it for the horses…

But no, I’ll be good. And IF my horses get worse over the weekend, I’ll make the vet come by and ruin her weekend and send the bill to the post office… sounds fair, right?

(Before you all freak out, I HAVE antibiotics for them already, I always have a supply for that fistula in Saleem’s mandible, so they are being treated. It’s just that without the parasite treatment, I can only contain it, not kill it with antibiotics…)

Oh look, now I did it again, I found something to bitch about… Sorry, I better be off now… To play some music and forget about the world for a few hours…!


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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