Two Horses And A Picture

Remember the horse I worte about a while back, the spotted niece of Poseidon and Apollon that I am not going to buy? Well, I’ve been talking to the owner a bit, trouble is, she is a 16 year old girl who seems to hugely overestimate what the horse is worth. Of course, to me, it would kind of be priceless, if I had all the money in the world, I would pay her anything for that horse, just to make sure I got one of the last Zarif’s kids in left in this world… But in this world, the real world, the horse is a cross breed, of three different breeds, one of them a trotter, which is never good in the world of horses. It’s got no pedigree, nothing.

So, papers alone, renders it without value. Looking at the horse, it’s a four year old, and it’s not ridden. In the world of horses, that means that it’s not educated according to its age, which takes the prize way down, yet again.

Of course, in my world, I wouldn’t even consider bringing her home if she had been ridden. The fact that it says in the sales add that she has been worked in a lunge bothers me so much, I nearly didn’t want to see it. Hands down, the horse is trained wrong already, and I would need to do it over… still…

So, why write on it? I don’t know. I just like it. And it’s a niece of my two old stars. I had to give it a go, didn’t I and see how far she was willing to negotiate the prize?

Not that I am out to steal a 16 year old girls horse, but she did write in her sales add that the prize could be negotiated for the right home… and there is no way, I can pay what she is asking. But I could give it a perfect home, so you never know what people are like.

This one is proving to be a 16 year old girl though. Honestly, it gets a bit tiresome. First she didn’t want to negotiate the prize at all. Then she asked me to make her an offer. I asked to see the horse if I was to make an offer on it, see it in real life, I am not going to place real value on a horse without meeting it in person, and now, I am not hearing from her, but she just upped the prize on her sales add.

That kind of makes someone like me think, oh never mind. Beautiful horse, I would have loved to come to some sort of agreement with the owner and make it happen, but well…

Then there is a one year old trotter I’ve been keeping an eye on. Why? Because I like trotters. And because it says in her sales add that she is ready to start training in two months. I feel like kicking and screaming and killing someone, just to read that. I feel like buying the horse, just to save her from her race-horse fate. Who, in their right mind starts training their one year old??? How is that legal? How is that so accepted that people write it openly in a sales add?

She just dropped in prize, the little trotter, completely without me doing anything. They are now writing that she is to be slaughtered if no one is going to buy her. Some people should not be allowed to have horses…

Honestly, as much as I would love to bring that little girl home, the way her humans do not care for her, kind of scared me off. I think I would much rather negotiate prize with a 16 year old girl, than pick up a one year old that has never been cared for a day in her life. And then again, SHE could really need me. The spotted niece of my old stars, could be happy somewhere else. But a tiny unloved trotter? Where is she to go?

So, yes, I am torturing myself a little here… I still want to meet the spotted horse, if I hear from her owner, but I might just end up meeting the trotter as well, if I don’t piss off her owners too much… I am not sure I can be a “good girl” around people who are like that…

And I don’t even know them. I could be wrong. But the sales add speaks for itself…

Last, I found this picture on Face Book this morning, and I am still a little stumped.

gay rights

Why would Hillary need to say that? Who on earth needed to hear that?

Completely off topic, I know and then again… If we are still having such a hard time accepting our fellow human beings, then really, maybe I shouldn’t be so horrified at the way we treat out animals… Welcome to 2013, I really hoped the human race could do better by now…


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2 Responses to Two Horses And A Picture

  1. lucywilliamspoetry says:

    That photo was a bit of a well, duh! moment when you read it lol

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