Another Long Day

Saturday at Blue Hors we arrived with LHK’s Louvre and her foal Rosenheim, after an hour and a half long drive, which in itself is a long time for a foal, to find that they were almost two hours behind schedule.

Oh great. And no one issued a warning or dropped off a text…? Of course not… Well, our foal is not going to be tired now, long before he goes on…

Luckily, Rosenheim and his mother has got nerves of steel. We spent the time by the trailer, Louvre waiting rather patiently for us to start doing something, and Rosenheim sleeping in the grass, causing quite a sensation as the passersby thought he was so wonderful for his trusting and easy going heart.

IMG_8477 IMG_8470

Showing a foal is always difficult. I always wonder why you are not allowed to ride the mare. I mean, yes, some of the mares can’t be ridden. One could argue that if your mare is too lame or too young or too something to be ridden, she shouldn’t breed either, but well, if one must be fair to the foals, I get why some mares need to be shown by hand. Still, it would cause a lot fewer accidents if you were allowed to ride the mare. Someone always ends up getting trampled while showing the mare and foal, someone always falls and ends up underneath the hysterical mare. And yes, most mares are hysterical, thinking that there are strangers and horses all over and they need to protect their foal…

Anyway, LHK ran with her mare herself. Louvre is extremely well behaved, she has strong nerves and is cool with almost anything. Actually, it showed in Rosenheim. He was calm and easy too.

IMG_8566 IMG_8567

Which of course didn’t make him excel, because he didn’t show enough elasticity in his gaits.

It’s true, compared to the others, he wasn’t flying. Compared to the others, he wasn’t running for his life either.

I am always amazed by how little temper means to people. What is it worth to have a horse with huge gaits and loads of bouncy moves if you can’t handle it?

Anyway, we didn’t expect Rosenheim to make it to the finals, he is too small, which was what they commented on most with him. His size. Oh horror, what if he only ends up at 1,60? Oh wait, he won’t, his mother is half thoroughbred, he will get his size in time, just not as fast as the ones whose parents are a 100% heavy dressage.

The funny thing is, breeders keep saying that we need to refine the breeding, by using thoroughbred and even Arabian blood, to make sure that the dressage horses of the future does not become too heavy and yet, whenever it is used, it is only good enough amongst the fillies. If you get a colt, you are screwed, because it’s not big enough, not masculine enough, not powerful enough, but yes, if it’s a filly, its feminine, slender, cute…

Who is judging horses by human standards like that? Every judge I have ever known so far… Which makes me happy, once again, to not be a part of the Danish Warmblood scene. Imagine how many refined colts get a bad description as a foal and becomes spare?

Anyway, LHK’s horses once again behaved perfectly, we had a nice trip, got them back home safe and sound and I even stopped feeling panicky at the thought of driving Saleem in a month from now. Driving with Dorién, Louvre and Rosenheim this weekend taught me one thing. Not all horses are just like Poseidon and Apollon were.

I can do this. I can get back in the game. I can learn to drive my horses again. I can even, I believe, be okay with it in time.


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4 Responses to Another Long Day

  1. LHK says:

    Oh I don’t care, they can say he’s small all they want, he is still my little star…!
    Whatch me make a great riding horse out of this one too…!
    With his temper only the skie’s the limit…! And, they didn’t see him canter…! 😉

    • Starstone says:

      hehe that’s the spirit… 😉 I just think it’s stupid, if he had been a girl, they would have loved him 😛 they should make up their minds on what they want….
      but yes, sure he is going to be a great working horse one day, temper counts for more than anything in my book 😉

      • LHK says:

        It is rediculous… They want the blod refined, and you should use thoroughbred at least once in every fourth link in the pedigree, but when you do, it is not good enough…?
        You cant have both large and light, its not possible…
        But I dont care, I breed horses for me, and I dont want some big heavy horse on 180 cm…! No way, what would I use a horse like that for…?
        I like my little horses…! They fit me… 😉

      • Starstone says:

        hehe I know, and it doesn’t matter, I just can’t help but be a little bothered by a breeding association that is so… unable to make up their minds, having half of their foald outdated before they were even born… 😛

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