Sooo the world of horses strikes again…!

I should not be amazed, but oh boy, people keep surprising me…

If anyone missed it, I posted this https://starstonestenfalk.wordpress.com/2013/06/26/do-we-need-blood/ about a week ago, rather amazed by my own tolerance for animal abuse. That is really, if you read and understand what I write, what that post is about.

I do mention a face book group, as an example, I do not use their name though, because that was hardly the point.

I think I will now though.

So, about the time where my friend and I posted the pictures from the Danish Championship in Dressage, I was added to a secret group on face book called Flashmob against Rollkur. I must admit, my first thought was “hell no” but since it was a secret group, I lingered to see if they were up to any good. I don’t mind helping, but I do mind being part of anything including the word “mob.”

That is just not serious. No one naming themselves that, can expect to be taken seriously. Still, it could just be an unfortunate name, picked by some Dane who didn’t know what it meant and thought it sounded cool… maybe the group in itself was good enough.

Since I “joined” they have spent their time not coming up with anything constructive, even being unable to agree on a simple picture for their logo… Horse-girls when they are worst? I must admit, I didn’t pay much attention to them, since I didn’t see them as a serious group at all.

So, today I come home from the stable to find that they have come across my “do we need blood” post and that they are freaking out. First off, because I mention them, how dare I, it’s a secret group!

Oh well, that is kind of why I didn’t use the name of the group. Besides, I figured it was only secret because people didn’t want anyone to know who was part of it, because on face book you use your real name and this IS the world of horses and if you are seen in a group like that, there is a very good chance you will be black listed…

Stupid me! No the group, it turns out, is secret because they want to do secret things, like plan their secret demonstration at the European Championships, and how dare I tell on them? Explain yourself!

Since I wasn’t online- so sorry, I have a life, I am not online 24-7, I actually turn off the computer quite a lot, or disconnect the internet, because guess what, my life isn’t so boring that I must be on face book at all hours of the day- they started freaking out. Why was I not answering? Had I left the group? (they didn’t remember my name and couldn’t find out who they were angry at…) And even worse, was I censoring them on my blog???

I must admit, I was laughing when I saw the flashmob flaring across my screen as I turned on my computer…

Here is a clue for you girls, when you comment on this blog, it says “your comment is awaiting moderation,” if it is the first time you are commenting here. That means, that the comment must be approved by the webmaster- in this case me- before it goes public. This is a simple and necessary standard setting, preventing spam, porn sites and online dating and sex stuff to link to my blog. I must approve that the person writing on my posts are in fact a real person, not just a clever robot.

Although, some robots clearly are brighter than some people, I have NEVER so far, censured anyone off my blog. I explained that to the flashmob.

They instantly replied by asking me to delete all references to their group on my blog. I refused. For someone who claim to dislike censorship, they have an odd way of proving it. I should be censored on my blog, but they should not? Come on girls, get real…

I also told them that I have nothing to explain and that I stand by every word I wrote, but now that we were at it, the name of the group was downright stupid, and the way they were behaving, no one was ever going to take them seriously. As far as the demonstration is concerned, it is ridiculous to keep it secret.

First off, that is illegal, all demonstrations must be called in to the police before hand, or they will all be arrested. Second, so far, about 34 people are set to show up.

And they are keeping it secret?

Now, if I was planning a demonstration, I would want at least 5000 people to show up, I would tell everyone I knew, I would beg, borrow and steal to make people support the cause. 34 people, wearing matching t-shirts, if they can agree on a logo by the end of the month?

Sure, give DRF and FEI something to laugh about. They will think that it is just a small group of fanatics. Which it is. Easily overheard, and damaging the cause more than helping it. But sure, let’s keep it secret. What is this, kinder garden? Oh wait… I think so….

I was told that the group name had been up for a vote, did I miss that? Well yes, since I was added a long time after the group was founded… that doesn’t change the bad associations the name stirs in me, but if you can’t say that, really then this is a mob.

Lynch mob might have been a better name?

I was told too that no one was forcing me to be in the group.

Now this all happened in a matter of seconds. I can honestly say, I didn’t read half of the comments. My life is simply too short for those kind of people. I just deleted myself from their very secret group and whished them the best of luck.

After all, we all want Rollkur stopped. I hope they succeed with all their sneaking around, acting like a bunch of naughty children, but that is not me.

I prefer to be out and open, to say what I mean and no, I do not take kindly to people trying to censor me on my blog. Remember that, before you fly off the handle over this post girls…!

As for revealing the name of their group now, it hardly matters. The group is secret, that means that even if you know its name, you can’t search and find it on face book. You must be added by a member to ever come across it, so I am not hurting anyone.

Except for those who liked to play the stealth game. Which really, doesn’t help any horses, anywhere… But I am sure it is a lot of fun, if you just like to shake things up and never really change anything.

I was even asked, in a private message after I deleted myself from the group- some people just can’t take a hint- if I was the same person as my friend LHK, because then I could have revealed my colors a long time ago!

Ahm no, I am not. My name is Veronica girls, and you could have asked before adding me… let that be a lesson, someone you might add, might actually be serious about this…

I am not sure why I am writing this post. It really doesn’t bother me that they freaked out over my post, it really doesn’t bother me that they were “sitting on their hands to keep them off the keyboard so they wouldn’t write evil things to me…”

I mean come on, I can’t even read that sentence- and it was used a lot- without laughing.

It does bother me though, that this is the world of horses. This is EXACTLY why nothing ever changes. Because even those of us who should be on the same “side” always turn on each other, and for stupid, insignificant reasons.

Sad. Just sad.

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10 Responses to Flashmob

  1. sammerson says:

    Your last paragraph sums it up. You can never make everyone happy, there’s always going to be someone who thinks they are being treated unfairly or “called out”. But seriously, my first reaction was much like yours…what do they intend on proving if they do everything in secret? They obviously missed the “speak for those who have no voice” message.

    • Starstone says:

      Seems like it 😉
      It’s just sad, that even here, on the anti roll kur side, there are people who respond like that, and who wants to run things like that…
      I didn’t think that WE had anything to hide… boy was I wrong… 😛

  2. Mia Hemming Balint says:

    You obviously have misunderstood pretty much everything about the point of the “secret” group.

    First of all you haven’t noticed that a member of the controling group consisting of 7 members is a law student -and well aware of the fact that a demonstration is supposed to be announced to the police in advance. The reason for this is to protect the people who demonstrate, all though no one in the group expects the other participants and spectators at the European Championships to commit violent acts towards the protesters 😉

    Second of all you don’t seem to know what a flash-mob is…? A flash mob is showed on several examples on Youtube, the act is performed by a small group (about 5-10 people) and has a good effect. You should try to investigate what it is you are mad about.

    The name was temporary, as we needed to gather people well before we had our agenda sorted out.

    I honestly don’t understand why you want to expose this group and ridicule it, it is formed by the sole purpose of stopping violent and abusive horse training methods such as rollkur. We have sent our complaints to ECCO among others such as politicians and the media.

    ECCO is the main sponsor of the most prominent equitation championships in Denmark. The heiress of ECCO, Anna Kasprzak is among the top riders in the country and uses rollkur, which – of course – is of no surprise to anyone, since she is trained by Andreas Helgstrand who is rather notoriously known for his use of rollkur.

    I don’t see a problem in you not liking the group against rollkur, as you are free to decide what you want to participate in. I also don’t see a problem in you using this blog to get attention.

    But I do see a serious problem in you trying to sabotage the group somewhat (all though nothing about the group’s agenda has been changed as a result) so I’m in serious doubt whether you want to help the horses or just want to create a gossip blog with the sole purpose of getting attention for the sake of…?

    • Starstone says:

      Again with the Ecco hunting… get over yourselves…
      the world of horses NEEDS sponcers, if no one wants to sponcer us, the sport dies, is that what you want? Because that is what you are getting from behaving like this…
      did you notice the PAVO on Anna’s saddle pad? No? I’ve got about 100 pic of it by the way, are you going to hunt them too, of only Ecco for some reason?
      Yes, explain the secret group to me then?
      and I am not sabotaging anything, you guys are, by behaving like a bunch of preschoolers… grow up, get over yourselves and start responding like adults, really…!
      And I did investigate the name by the way… it’s still not a way to be taken serious… once again, I don’t speak up before I know what I am talking about…
      Lots of you guys sure do….

      • Charlotte H. M Nielsen says:

        The group has in several occasions writtend about having contacted the other sponsors – not just ECCO.
        It is true that the sport needs sponsors to survive – but why not help those who ride without using violence?

        In our debate on the site yesterday, you spend a hole lot of time and energy on explaining that you didn’t knew it was i secret group – but in the beginning of your own text – your words, not mine – you admit that “I was added to a secret group on face book” – “I must admit, my first thought was “hell no” but since it was a secret group”. I’m sorry what? You didn’t know that it was a secret group… Ding ding ding..

        You were also spending a lot of time not answering the conctructive questions about the content of your blog. Instead you used the time to discuss stupid topics and indifferent cases. I my self, had some very seriouse and constructive (writen in a polite manor) questions to your blog. Those you didn’t seem to care about – it was more important to you to act like a spoiled brat and scream about how bad and stupid we all are and how good and innocent you were.
        I suggest that when blogging about a debate like this it, you put yourself in a objective position and write about both sites of the story.

        You say that it a stupid idea with a flashmob at the event, and that a demonstrate would be more effective. In some level i agree – a demonstration would be great if many people would swow up – but a demonstration of 40 people isn’t really something to write about. A flashmob of 10 people has shown to be effective – i wonder if a flashmob of 40 people wouldn’t do something too?
        It might not change the world – but maybe it would start a debate on the subject – and perhaps even get some publicity – all in the hope of starting a debate that can bring FEI and DRF out of their “top rider obsession and protection”.

        This is only a new way of trying to do something – other things must be done as well.
        You laugh of the flashmob and think it is stupid.. How many times haven’t pictures from the warm up arenas been shown to the world, without helping. Isn’t the standard answer that “this is a picture taking in a bad moment, not walid evidence of violence and abuse”. What about starting to film the events – and please, more that 10 sec, so the material can be used as evidence against these perpetrators. I’m not saying that you should stop taking these picture – please don’t – its fantasic that you do this, because we do need evidence that is new and up to date – but don’t make fun of people who are actually on the same page as you – because we can all agree that rollkur/hyperflextion and “low deep and round” are nothing but violence og abuse.

      • Starstone says:

        I never said that I didn’t know it was a secret group, I said that I didn’t know it was a secret demonstration… ding ding… not sure who is acting like a spoiled brat, but at least I know what I am writing and am able to read and understand- most- others…
        And no, I didn’t spend a lot of time on anything, I was online for about ten min tops, where I was checking email, my blog, and face book, so no I didn’t answer or read everything, but I did answer those who jumped personal attacks at me for censoring them, because I am not about to take that….
        If you guys don’t like what I blog about, then start your own blog… that simple…. I am NOT about to be cencored on my own blog, by a lynch mob…
        And I hope you make a difference, I really do.
        I just don’t think you guys are going about it the right way, especially not when you choose to act like a pack of wolves and attack your own like that…
        I am not about to roll over and take anything lying down, I never have, never will…

      • Michele Nielsen says:

        IF one wants to surprise others – which is the groups purpose – then often it is a VERY good idea to plan SECRETLY – if you do not – it can hardly be a surprise though – can it ?

        Since the group does their thing, noone is stopping you from making a demo – if you should be so inclined. That is just not the route of action the group has chosen.

        And … maybe you would have known more about the groups plans and the thoughts behind them, if you were to have READ the comments that you so proudly state to have not read since they were of so little interest.
        How do you suggest people explain their ideas to a person who does not listen at all – even before that person is angry with them, and just not following because the whole thing was stupid anyway.

        As for Ecco – noone in the group wants Ecco to stop sponsoring, Just start making demands that the DRF/FEI/riders will have to accept, since they really want the sponsor-money. – One of those claims could be stewards present at the warm up arenas – and UNBIASED and independent stewards with a clear set of rules to enforce.

        That could make a huge difference – because the practice of rollkur on the arenas would be impossible. We could then keep working on getting rid of it at the stables.

        NONE of these things rule out all the other good things that are being worked on – they are rather complementary to one another.

      • Starstone says:

        Oh god girls, read what I write, this is exactly why I didn’t read through it all that day…
        as far as the demonstration goes, NOWHERE on the site had I seen that is was supposed to be a secret… But it doesn’t matter what I say, you guys are set on taking everything out of context so you can keep being angry with me…. well, enjoy…!

        Why on earth would Ecco bother? they could just as well sponsor a local foot ball club instead and not have a flashmob banging down their doors… really the way you are behaving, you guys are killing the sponsors and the sport… but I guess that is one way to deal with Rollkur…

  3. Michele Nielsen says:

    OH and … btw … YES we have thought about PAVO, but we have agreed on contacting the sponsors who sponsor the entire event (e.g. Ecco, Jysk, Equsana), we have found it somewhat misappropriated to address sponsors who sponsor only one person. Too many people use rollkur and other illegal training methods for us to be singling out one person in particular even if we do not at all accept the way that person is riding.

    • Starstone says:

      so it’s okay to single out those who pay the big money, but not those who sponcor individual riders who do rollkur? come on, can’t you hear it yourself? That line of reasoning is plain stupid, and no one is ever going to listen to it…

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