Hay, Sun, Horses And Video

Horses for LIFE magazine put together a video of a few series of our pictures from the Danish Championship in Dressage 2013.

Just a moment in time? I guess I am not the only one, rather offended by the Danish Equestrian Federation, brushing us off like that;


Aside from that, Ablaze was eating again yesterday, and although looking rather blurry eyed and tired, he seems to be on the mend.

My boyfriend got to play with Apocalipse and Saleem, running in the heat, and jumping with them on a rope… I’ll share pictures as soon as I get the time. Apocalipse is a real talent when it comes to jumping, but we never doubted that. Saleem, on the other hand, remains convinced that he can’t, even when he proves himself wrong and do it perfectly. Saleem actually have a much better technique than Apocalipse when he relaxes a little, he “closes” the front legs much better. Apocalipse is a bit of a lazy slob, who just like his mother, finds it too easy and doesn’t bother to try too hard.

It is going to be interesting to develop both of them.

And we started driving in our hay already , completely without warning, the farmer pressing it, suddenly said well, let’s go. Once again I owe a huge depth of gratitude to my friend LHK and her mother, for dropping everything and showing up to help, continuing right until midnight.

Good news is, the farmer is pressing the hay harder than he did last year, much harder, so we only have half as much, meaning that last night we got the biggest field emptied.

Last year we couldn’t press it like that, because it wasn’t dry enough. This year, and hopefully all the years in the future, they are and will be. This is so much easier, even if it is sucky work all the same.

So, thank you guys! Really, couldn’t have done it without you!


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