Writing, Movies And The Pictures Again

Blogging, it’s a strange thing. You get so used to sharing everything you do that when suddenly something needs to be kept quiet for a while, you struggle to figure out how to process it.

I got to admit, I love writing about my life on this blog. I love going over the things that bother me, scare me, or make me happy, in a constructive way. Writing this blog has made my life so much easier in so many ways, because it really helps me get things out of my head. Writing it down, reading it over a few times and talking to relative strangers (no offence) about it, is the kind of human interaction I do best.

So, now that Dark Mare Pictures have been busy lately, I’m kind of at a loss for what to write about, because I have already written about a thousand posts about this project in my head, I just can’t post them yet. Which brings me to this very uninspired post, about how hard it clearly is for me to not spill everything instantly to my wonderful online audience.

So, since I can’t do that yet- wait for it- I think I’ll do something else.

My editor is almost through book three in the Starstone Series. Which is kind of filling me with happiness, because I really want my whole series published, but at the same time, it is quite terrifying.

Book three, The Crown Prince, sure is the one of my five books in the Starstone Series, that I love the most, but at the same time, it is the one I fear to release as well.

Let’s be honest. In the Hand of Fate and the Twins, I’ve played it relatively safe. Sure, I’ve had a few characters that may have been a bit untraditional in the world of fantasy, sure I’ve touched a few issues that you don’t expect to hear about, but the Crown Prince is different.

I keep telling myself to dare. Which is why I did send it to editing without changing it. I’ve looked it over a thousand times, read it through, wondered if I should make it smoother, streamline it, take the cruelest edge off it…

Let’s be real though. It’s simply not in me to do that. So I sent it to editing, to have the grammar and the typing errors and stuff like that straightened out- hopefully- and to have it translated into Danish.

It’s almost written in Danish as well now, so I guess it’s too late to back out now. No changing it. This is how it’s going to be. Just the way I want it. I just have to believe that people are clever enough to understand what this book is really about. They are. Of course they are. Anyway…

As long as it touches a few, I’ll be happy. After all, I am used to being the one who dares, I better not turn coward now, when it comes to my writing.

Which brings me to my Natural Horsemanship book, My Heart, My Soul, My Star, My Endless Night. I better get that one ready for editing, I am still missing a few things in it, a few details that my friend the Evil Icequeen pointed out when she read it for me.

It’s always nice to have friends who bother to take the time and read it through, just to make sure you are making sense and she did have a few comments on it, like maybe I should explain that my vets are a hospital, and therefore not the same guy every time, and that even if I have used the same vet all my life, the individuals change over the years. Stuff like that, which seems perfectly natural to me, but sure can confuse a reader if you don’t know.

And of course I still need to sit down, select pictures for it and edit them, color, size and stuff… it’s going to take time. Better get to it…

I am planning on pushing this book in between book three and four in the Starstone Series. I want it out. As much as I want the Starstone Series published as a whole, as much as I don’t want to leave book three “hanging,” for too long, I think I need to publish my Horsemanship book by now. It really is time that this story was told.

My Sci-fi book is coming along nicely, by the way, I’m just about half way through writing it. I hesitate to name it yet, because I am not entirely sure if it will be a “stand alone” book or part of a series. Time will tell.

The Kiss, the Dragon and the Werewolf, the fantasy book I am writing with Noel Heart http://noelheartpoet.wordpress.com/

is kind of at a stand still, because of her new job, sickness and general lack of time between the two of us. We are not giving it up though, as soon as life gets a little easier, we are returning to it. I for one, am looking forward to writing on it again.

So, would you look at that, I found something to write about, without spilling any secrets…

Yeah me!

Speaking of secrets or things that might be better left unsaid, I am uploading all of my pictures from the Danish Dressage Championship 2013 to face book, not in one album but in quite a few, since face book, it seems, have a max number of pictures in one album at around 300.

People keep asking me to see all of them, and I am getting tired of uploading them to my drop box as well, where space is an issue too. So, look me up, Veronica (starstone) Merlin, the albums are public, so we don’t have to be friends for you to see them.

Feel free to share them. The Danish Equestrian Federation keep brushing us off with “A still frame says nothing, it’s just a moment.” Face book is messing up the order of the pictures, making it a bit confusing to watch, but it’s the best I can do, for people to get a fair and unbiased picture of what happened at those finals.

Let me be the first to say, it’s not all bad… but these are the pictures I got from the finals, and all in all, it’s a sad image the world of horses are displaying. Surely, horsemanship is not taking preference anywhere, anymore. Eight albums, one or two acceptable riders, nothing as beautiful as dressage should be, in a perfect world, and mostly, it’s just downright animal abuse, applauded by the audience and rewarded by the international judges. Way to go FEI and DRF.

Looking forward to the European Championships, now that Ecco, the main sponsor so openly states that it will be allowed for any private person to take pictures, even at the warm up arrears…  Thank you Ecco, let’s hope we get to see some HAPPY horses and some GOOD horsemanship for once…

One can always dream…


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2 Responses to Writing, Movies And The Pictures Again

  1. Lisbeth Thostrup says:

    Do not put your hopes too high just yet about photographing at the European Championships. The press release that Ecco quoted from was deleted after a few hours, and neither the Danish Federation (DRF), nor FEI are answering questions regarding this issue.

    • Starstone says:

      DRF deleted it, but Ecco have been saying lots of times on different pages online, in writing, that we can take pictures so… they need to mannage their online staff better if they don’t mean it 😉

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