Happy Birthday Apocalipse!

In the honor of Apolcalipse turning three years old today, my poetry collection, “This Song” is free to down load as an e-book for two days;

Cover Small - this songIMG_8240 http://www.amazon.com/This-Song-ebook/dp/B00A8SJ12M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1353189027&sr=8-1&keywords=this+song+veronica+merlin

So, let’s take a quick look at my superstar, from the moment I pulled him out of his mother at 4 am on July the 18 2010, half drowned after a long and rather dramatic delivery and up till the handsome young man he has become.


IMG_2644 IMG_1478


It’s so weird, looking at these pictures. I had Amalia back then. Poseidon. Apollon. Legacy. We were all here when Apocalipse was born. One by one, they slipped away, until only Apocalipse and his father remained.





IMG_7331 IMG_5855




IMG_3765 IMG_1735

Yes, my picture perfect young man. I never get tired of showing him off, and it is huge, the day your first foal turns three.


Ablaze 041 maj 7 293

maj 7 325


I’ve had youngsters before, but Apocalipse is my very own, all the way through, I chose his father, I helped his father get his mother pregnant, I helped deliver him when he wasn’t positioned correctly.

Through the years, the three years I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him, he sure has been my rock, the one I could always count on, just like his mother was. Apocalipse has got a solid temper, he is trusting, warm and gentle.

IMG_8926 Photo0097

So, congratulations, sonny boy. And thank you for being in my life.



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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Apocalipse!

  1. sammerson says:

    Awww….Happy birthday big guy…he sure has turned into a good looking guy!

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