Poetry Collection’s

Oh, by the way, in the midst of all the things I’ve been busy doing lately, I completely forgot to mention that I got Noel Heart’s http://noelheartpoet.wordpress.com/  poetry collection as a paperback a while back. Having helped her piece it together and helped design a cover, having been on the sideline of this book all the way through, it is very exciting for me to finally hold it in my hands.

Here is a print screen of her cover, of which I am utterly jealous by the way. It’s grrawesome, no other word for it.

blue lips paperback cover

I keep snickering every time I see it and wonder how it is that I never thought of it… For someone like Noel and I, this is pure genius. I could explain why this picture is so brilliant, but I don’t think I will, it is not my place to disclose any secrets. Just take my word for it. Nothing short of brave, emotional, honest, and a little bit crazy, just like the poems in the book.

Some of you may have noticed that I have it in my header picture, the one displaying all my books. And yes, I know, I have about 15 header images, and they keep changing, because I can’t decide which one to go with, but one of them is a picture of all of my books and of Noel’s Blue Lips/ Acoustic Suicide. I display it, simply because it is written by a dear friend of mine and it deserves to be mentioned alongside my own.


Noel and I write very differently, when we write poetry. Mostly, I guess, because she is a poet and I am a song writer, but we respect each other greatly, just the same.

So, check out her book, Blue Lips/ Acoustic Suicide as a paperback;


And as an E-book;


The e-book might not be live for a short while, since we have changed a few things, some tiny editorial stuff, but it will be back online on the link above within 24 hours.

And remember, my poetry collection, This Song, is still free to download as an e-book today on the link below;

Cover Small - this songIMG_8240




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8 Responses to Poetry Collection’s

  1. I love the cover, it is genius as you say, and I bleed for it, literally. It is very personal and for those who knows me, knows why, but that is a story I really don´t want to share just yet….
    I love working with you, on our fantasy story, and when you help me put my work together, and i respect you a lot, for what you do. Yes you are a song writer, and I am a poet, so we write differently, but a song is still poetry in a more musical way. i am looking forward to hear your songs, with music to them….

  2. Reblogged this on noelheartpoet and commented:
    Thank you very much sweetie 😉

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