An Article, A birthday, Fleas And Life

Noel Heart got her interview with me, in Vents Magazine. That is really, really cool;

Even if online publishers clearly seem to have a very loose relationship with copyright… Once again, that picture is copyrighted to Dark Mare Pictures… Anyway… I must admit, I think it’s awesome to have such a long article in a music magazine.

Perhaps a bit misplaced, I am not sure how Noel got it in there, but that girl is a star, and let’s be honest, I do write music, so I guess she snuck it under the wire.

We are going to my boyfriends mother’s 60thies birthday today, so actually I am in a bit of a hurry to get to the stable and tend to the horses, but right now I am stalling, since I am busy washing all of our bed sheets. Considering that I am the kind of ever-freezing person who sleeps with two blankets, even in the summer, that is a bit of a project, especially since this includes the entire bed, and I can’t just do it a few pieces at the time, like usual. Nah, this time I need the entire thing through the washing machine, preferably within 24 hours…

I always need more time… or a quick wash program… why must it be an hour and a half every time?

Thing is, it turns out, Life has got fleas, big time. I have never had that problem before, with any of the other cat’s we have had in my life, but Life has the thickest fur ever and I don’t know… I came home yesterday and my bed was crawling with baby fleas…

Now, I am a vegetarian, I don’t like killing animals, but I do draw the line with things that suck my blood. So I spent the evening yesterday vacuuming cleaning the room, trying not to think of the poor baby fleas, dying horribly from starvation inside the vacuum cleaner.

Our washing machine is half broken, it doesn’t always dry up the clothes in the end, it doesn’t always use all the soap, stuff like that, which is bearable if you only have to wash a single load, where you can just do it over if it fails. It is a bit annoying though, when you are running about 6 machines in a row and you really only had time to run one….


I’ll get those little buggers… I am already contemplating what kind of poison I am going to attack Life with once the stores and the vets open on Monday…

That’s another, rather huge problem these days. Flea poison is simply ineffective. I am looking at my horse-anti-insect poison, and wondering if it will kill the cat, or just the fleas?

So, anyone want to make a fortune, please invent a product that effectively kills off fleas, because any excising one I have come across, the little pests have got used to and learned to survive. Except the washing machine and the vacuum cleaner… but I can hardly wash the cat (or can I?) or vacuum clean her…

Okay, enough about fleas and washing and cleaning. I better be off, I just want to say, before I go, that Noel’s poetry collection, Blue Lips- Acoustic Suicide, are free to download as an e-book today and tomorrow;

blue lips acoustic–Acoustic-Suicide-ebook/dp/B00CIQ57PW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1366926955&sr=8-1&keywords=blue+lips+acoustic+suicide


No wait, one other thing! I changed Saleem’s bit. He has been wearing an ordinary, soft snaffle bit, made out of soft metal, a three part bit, as nice as I could possibly imagine it, but he was never really comfortable with it. For a long while, I figured he just thought it felt strange for him to wear a bit- all youngsters chew on their bits- and I have been waiting for him to stop that. He didn’t.

He kept playing with the middle part of the bit with his tongue, he kept moving the bit abound in his mouth and he kept pulling on the rein, trying to make me hold the bit. When I refused, he became frustrated and started shaking his head from side to side.

So, who did that remind me off… a horse I once knew… a huge red one, with the exact same problem, who refused to wear any bit, except one. Poseidon had one magical bit he could wear, one that was stable enough in his mouth for him to find peace with it.

It took me long enough, but I finally tried Poseidon’s bit on Saleem and it worked like a charm. Good thing is, it is actually a softer bit than the one Saleem already had, even if it is stainless steel. A two part bit instead of three, with steady rings, instead of lose ones, Saleem took to it like it had been sprinkled with fairy dust.

So, thanks Poseidon, I tip my hat to you and I am sorry it took me so long to remember. You sure raised me better than that. No worries though, Saleem is not going to use your old bit, I bought him a new one, just like it, which is not worn down.

Besides, your bit was one of the only things you really owned in our 15 years together, no one is going to use it, now that you are gone, but it sure was nice for Saleem and me to borrow it this one time, to ensure me that it wasn’t stupid of me to buy him one just like it.

Once again I am kicking myself here, Saleem has come such a long way with his violent headshaking, what was left on the old bit was just small moves, nothing like he used to do at all, but still enough to make it difficult to train the horse properly. And once again, I’ve had the answer right in front of me all this time.

Let’s be honest, only one bit works on super red horses with flies in their heads.

april 23

Poseidon and his magical bit.

I had to be told twice, clearly, before it sunk in, but I get it now. Promises.


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2 Responses to An Article, A birthday, Fleas And Life

  1. sammerson says:

    I’ve actually seen a video of people vacuuming their cats…I think you should try it!

    • Starstone says:

      lol 🙂 I am not sure she would ever forgive me… 😛 she kind of freaked out when I started the thing, and hid in her litterbox until I turned it off again 😉

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