The Story Of A Horse

I often looked at Knut and wondered what stories he could tell, if he could talk.

heimdal 2

From what I gather, he was imported to Denmark from Norway as a youngster, broken in and used as a hunter for years. He didn’t exactly receive the nicest kind of training, if one considers the reputation of the stable that owned him.

Later on, he was sold to a riding school and used as a school horse for a brief while, but he became aggressive towards the children and was sold again.

What stories would he tell, if he could speak? What humans would he describe? Looking at Knut, knowing him, and his reservations towards most humans, one must wonder what happened to him.

My friend, LHK, bought him… is it seven years ago? I am afraid my memory is lousy when it comes to dates…

heimdal 6

For a horse like Knut, who had seen the world of horses in some of its darkest hours, she must have been a godsend. For a horse like Knut, who had a long, hard life, he finally found a place of peace, with a human he could trust.

Knut have been an invaluable member of our “gang” for years, he helped train the youngsters in a way only an old, experienced horse could do.  Knut has been the rock, the solid horse amongst our light headed, hot tempered youngsters.

heimdal 9

He was never too fond of me, especially not when my hair was blond. The times I’ve dyed it, he has liked me better, which must make one wonder once more, what happened to him… still, Knut was not one to cause a fuss, he made sure we knew that he disapproved of my company, but being a good natured old boy, he suffered in dignified silence whenever I took care of him.

He did come to terms with me, in the end though.

Having never been my horse, Knut sure has played a huge part in my life over the years. He was there when Apollon and I drove to the beach last year.

heimdal 5 Picture by HP Foto Odense

heimdal 4 Picture by HP Foto Odense

He was there when Saleem went for his first rides outside home.

heimdal 7 heimdal 10

He was there when Saleem and I met the river for the first time.

heimdal 8

An altogether, good hearted, warm spirited old boy, one you could count on in any given situation.

heimdal 3 Picture by HP Foto Odense

Knut was euthanized today, 21 years old, and suffering from arthritis in all four legs. LHK has been treating him for years, but in the end, there was nothing more she could do to keep him pain free.

He died quietly, at home, on his pasture, at the one place in life, where he had been truly happy, amongst the people he loved the most.

A brief story of a horse, a brief glimpse of 21 years of life. I will never know what his story truly was, but I do know one thing. He found a home in the end.


So take care old boy, and say hello to Poseidon and Apollon for me. I am sure they will be happy to see you again, by the rainbow bridge. We sure are going to miss you, back here.

I know that “rest in peace” sounds a bit too easy, too cheap somehow, but in your case, I really hope you do. I believe you have earned it.

heimdal 11

“Shake off the dust of the road, old friend, your boots have stardust on them now…”


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6 Responses to The Story Of A Horse

  1. LHK says:

    It is eight years… I had him for eight and a half years…

    And thank you, this was very lovely written… ❤

    • sammerson says:

      LHK,you don’t know me but I’ve been following this blog for a while now and I know that anyone who is friends with her is truly a friend to horses, Thanks for giving Knut a wonderful 8 years. It’s hard to let them go but in the end, it makes it so much easier (that’s really not the word I’m looking for because it’s never easy) to know that their last few years were the best they possibly could be.

      • Starstone says:

        thank you, Sammerson 🙂 I’m not sure if she will read it anytime soon, but I’m sure that once she does return to my blog someday, without too many tears, she’ll be happy to see your message 🙂

    • Starstone says:

      Close then 😉 but not close enough…
      you’re welcome love…

  2. Marie Anne says:

    What a beautiful horse, and a beautiful story. It’s wonderful that his last years were good ones, that he got to be loved and cherished.

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