Saleem And Marble

A quick post here, with a few random pictures I haven’t had the time to share yet.

First up, Life, having a good time…. it’s a hard life, being a cat, ha?


Second, Marble taking her first jumps. I got to say, that girl is amazing.

IMG_0423 IMG_0398

The green bags on the poles, all the others spooked over, but not her. The bars on the ground, she figured out instantly, and look at her technique, how she closes her front legs and carries her back…


I am impressed. Considering that she was lame all of last summer, on both front legs, because her tendons tightened up, because she was growing up too fast- (x-rays and loads of visits from the vets to prove it) – I am amazed at her courage. She just faces everything head on. Astonishing little girl.

Now, not to worry, we are not jumping her too much yet, she is only two. It won’t be higher than this, (my boyfriend has to jump it too) and it is only one or two obstacles, once in a while. Nothing regular or straining on her body, just a bit of fun, to make her life a bit versatile.

Saleem went for his first drive ALONE yesterday, in a trailer. He didn’t freak out, I almost didn’t either, and we both survived. I think we are about as ready for the European Championships this Friday, as we are going to get. Still not entirely sure what I am going to do about the transport yet, but at least now I can tell myself that the horse is cool with it.

Here he is, my little star, and we have put away the blue bridle for the time being, to practice with the leather one we have to wear, and we have put on spurs, since I discovered that they are mandatory. Surprise, even in the small levels of dressage, you must wear spurs…

Oh well, I can wear them, no one say I must use them…

Anyway, Saleem is doing really, really great these days, the new magic bit he got is working like a charm, giving him a lot more peace around the mouth, making it a lot easier for me to handle the flies in his head.

IMG_0545 IMG_0655


IMG_0724 IMG_0657


IMG_0782 IMG_0790


We almost have a canter now, that even if it doesn’t feel balanced yet, actually looks like it sometimes. So, here we are, and I am almost not panicking about that show on Friday… I think I’ll go cut down the neighbors hedge now, since it is killing my eclectic fence, and I need something else to think about…

Yep, sounds like a plan…

One more thing, the video made from our pictures of the Danish Championship by Horses for LIFE magazine are on you tube now;


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