Don’t Call Me Please…!

I got to say, I am pretty sick of my phone these days. For some reason, I’ve ended up on what feels like a list of all the sales people in the world. Imagine me, getting a call from someone, saying “you know what, you could save a lot of money on your electricity!” or, “Can we send you one of our books, please choose from the following- endless list of Danish books I had never heard of…”

I never liked my phone much. I’ve had a rather stressful relationship with it at all times, especially when I was working at the different stables I’ve worked at, since people would text me constantly, telling me what to do about their horse, how it wasn’t going on the pasture tomorrow, how it needed a change of boots or some extra hay…

It has quieted down a bit since I quit the stables, mostly because I thought, no one would be calling me now. The friends I have who text me are not demanding that I remember to do things, we simply use the texting as a way to plan stuff we want to do together. That works for me, because that doesn’t require me to drop what I am doing and pay undivided attention to my phone.  I can answer the texts when I get the time, and my messages are always silent, because I don’t want my phone to bother me when I am working with the horses, or writing my books.

Believe it or not, I do something at all hours of the day, I am never bored and I rarely have time to sit down and just talk on the phone.

I really don’t want to either. If I am to talk to someone, I want the human contact. I read body language much more than I hear words. I hate talking on the phone.

Some people, like my friend Noel, who lives all the way across the country do call me, and I do my very best to always answer her calls, even if I fail a lot. It seems that she always ends up calling me when I am busy hosing down my foal and is stuck in mud, with a hose and a very tense young man who are still considering if getting wet is okay, even during a heat wave.

I love talking to Noel, don’t get me wrong, since we live so far from each other, the phone is better than nothing, but…

Who invented a piece of equipment that you must always carry with you, and that will randomly scream at you, when you least expect it, demanding your attention at the most inconvenient moments?

I mean come on, if one of your friends started sitting in a corner shouting, “talk to me, talk to me,” you’d think that kid was pretty annoying too, wouldn´t you? Yeah, that’s how I feel about my phone…

Leave me alone, you little bugger…

I do carry it with me at all times though. Why?

When I am at home, because if something goes wrong, like say, the horses tear up the fence and escape, I want people to be able to contact me. I practically bring it with me to the shower, and I sleep with it next to my pillow, for fear of missing one of those life and death calls…

When I am at the stable, I have it on my person too, at all times, mostly because I am out there alone. If I should get in trouble, if I should happen to fall off Saleem, or get caught in the cross fire when Tardis kicks at Marble, I hope to god that I will be able to call for help… so yes, I use it as a life line, as a safety insurance, (however false it may be,) for me and my horses.

A silent device that should do nothing unless I get in trouble, that’s how I like my phone best.

So, imagine how kindly I take to phone sales people… and some of them just can’t take a hint. One of them called me up no less than five times in an hour this evening and I kept hanging up… in the end I just silenced it and let it ring…

Which made me miss a call from a friend of mine, who have suddenly decided to call me as well, instead of texting. Not sure why. Texting always worked fine, unless we urgently needed to get a hold on each other… But I bet I’m in trouble now, for not answering…

So, not stressed out at all. As long as the world leaves me alone, or at least, leaves my phone alone….

Apologies for this bithcy post, I just felt like saying it, once and for all.

Please don’t call me unless you are dying, my horse is in trouble, or the world is ending. (Cute online author excluded, Noel you can always call me, and I am sorry for whenever I don’t answer, just try again.)


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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11 Responses to Don’t Call Me Please…!

  1. I am happy I can, and I know you are busy, but we can always talk when you have the time, and you do texts me when you have…
    I kind of hate my phone to, it seems like everybody always calls me when I just don´t have time. 😉

  2. sammerson says:

    I hate, hate, hate, talking on the phone. I just despise it, but I do keep it on me at all times. I swear my mother has a secret camera on me and always picks the most inopportune moments to call. They are good to have in emergencies but I’d much rather not have to use it. My phone is on silent at least 99% of the time, I cant stand for it to make noise, I know that’s the point, but it just drives me crazy to hear it go off. The only time I ever turn it on is at night, in the event that there is an emergency and someone needs to get a hold of me while I’m sleeping, the rest of the time, it’s on silent.

    • Starstone says:

      hehe I dare not put the ring tone on silent much, because I live so far from he horses… I must hear it if something goes wrong… or at least, that’s what I keep telling myslef 😉
      glad to hear I’m not the only one who feels that way 🙂

  3. Oh how i know the feeling.. Every time my phone rings I get a shock.. I always have time to panick and wonder who has died or what has happen to someone I love. And if it’s a number I don’t know, I rarely dare to even answer it. And even if it is someone I know even before I pick up the phone I wonder how short I can make the conversation.
    So, darling you’re not the only one. 🙂
    On the other hand I love texting and online messages, that’s a great thing because you can just answer when you see fit. Love love love.. 😉

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