Here We Go Again

Fair warning, I have got a few things to bitch about again now…

First off, it seems rather impossible to find a saddle for Saleem… My friend and I have been trying on saddles on him lately, borrowing them from a local shop, (amazing service, by the way, they don’t want to see your ID or anything, you just walk in and pick the saddles you want to try on and leave with them… they must have a great insurance…) and nothing fits that horse…

The scary thing was, last time we were there, to try pick out some other saddles, I asked the nice lady at the shop what she would recommend to an Arabian. Her instant reply was “Wintec!”

No. No, no, no, I’ve had a Wintec Isabell Werth. It didn’t fit him. Other than all Wintec saddels being too long, no matter the size, the shape of the saddle is just completely off as far as Saleem is concerned. I told her that. She insisted that they were selling loads of Wintec saddles for Arabians, because Wintec had just changed their style and come up with a new model that fitted horses with a short, wide back like a charm.

And of course, you get the added bonus of having the cair system in your Wintec saddle… I mean, how could I not want to try on that one?

Because I don’t want cair, (that’s air cushions, by the way, and they are a nightmare if one of them punctures or just starts to lose air over time, I’ve seen it happen so many times, it renders the saddle positively useless within years, because even if it doesn’t go flat, it usually ends up going softer in one side than the other, leaving the saddle to tilt to one side on the horse,) I know it won’t fit my horse and the structure of the saddle is not flexible enough and did I mention, no matter how short you pick  them, they are always too long?

I did let her convince me though, to take it home. Sure enough, it had the worst fit I had ever tried on him. (Secretly very relieved here, I would have HATED if it had just fitted him, and I would have had to deal with the cair thing…)

Saleem have a SHORT, WIDE and STRAIGHT back. How hard can it be to find a saddle that will leave room for that?

Really, really hard. Straight saddles are almost impossible to come by. Add to that, you have to find one that is wide enough and, short enough so we won’t damage his spine. Then there is the way the saddle is shaped at the front, it must not touch his shoulder, and the way the girth is fastened has to be so that it won’t pull the saddle forward and… oh my god, nothing is ever going to fit…

The Keiffer saddles, for instance, fit him perfectly at the front, because of their usual cutback, leaving the shoulder free, and letting you fasten the girth without pulling the saddle forward. Trouble is, no matter how wide a saddletree you pick, they are too narrow on the middle, making the saddle move from side to side like a pendulum, because it is steady at the front and loses contact from the middle and the rear end of the saddle are hanging in mid air…

Brilliant… so, not a Keiffer… but they fit so nicely at the front…! Sob…

Why do we need a saddle? Well, technically we don’t, we get by without one, riding bare back- which I do, by the way, because nothing fits that horse- but, but, but, Saleem and I are reaching a point in our lives where I want to start showing him and for that, a saddle is required, sadly.

So, I need to spend a lot of frustrating time and money on a bloody saddle, if I want to use that horse for shows, and I really, really do. I just want him to last. I don’t want the saddle to damage him, it must be just right… I am sure it is out there somewhere, I just have to find it… preferably before I go insane…

Another issue, with my dear horses, are Marble’s summer sores. I just can’t make them go away. We have treated her twice now, and it is just not  working as it should…

And our next door neighbors have decided that horses are property of everybody, clearly, so they have started wandering over whenever they see fit, to pet the horses and roam around in my stable, and feed my horses…

When I arrived yesterday I found a handful of rice cakes left at my floor, since my horses were clearly too clever to eat them…

Now, that is the kind of thing that will send me flying over the edge so fast, you won’t know what hit you…

NOBODY feeds my horses when I am not around! I mean, seriously, how dare they? Would they wonder up to someone’s dogs and start feeding them stuff through the fence just because they were in the garden? Why do people have no respect for horses? It’s not a fricking cow, it actually gets sick if you feed it the wrong thing, and add to that, if you do feed them something they like, they will beat up each other and guess who have to pay the vet bill then? Not the fricking neighbor who just had a good time wandering over, through our motion sensors, past our security cameras, past our warning signs about the security cameras, (yes, we are a bit paranoid, but we don’t like strangers, the guys who owns the farm have had some of his heavy machinery stolen before and thus, we like to see who comes and goes,) all the way to the back of a very private courtyard, opening a closed stable door and start feeding five- that includes a three month old foal- horses that are not their own.

Who the fuck does that? Sorry, it may sound like a small thing, but it is really not. Who knows what they may feed them. Who knows why Ablaze had that stomach infection and nearly died on me. I mean, come on…

Still, I was very proud of myself, I didn’t run straight over to kick in their door and scream at them. I kindly fumed to myself for a while and then I set up a note in the (Plexiglas) door, saying;

“Private stable, no admittance.

Do NOT feed the horses. Please respect that, they get sick and fight each other and I am stuck with the vet bill. You are welcome to contact me on (phone number) and come visit while I am present.”

Yeah, that is me, trying to be a good neighbor. And sure, they can come by, they can pet the horses. They cannot feed them and they cannot, I repeat not, open my door and start walking around in my stable, amongst my equipment, pulling aside the blanket I have across the bars so Ablaze can’t jump through them, stuff like that… I know that blanket looks perfectly innocent and if you have a child with you, it seems reasonable enough to pull it aside so the kid can see the horses, but it is there for safety reasons… they have no way of knowing that, but then again, this is a private place and they have no fricking business, moving my blanket… and sure, they didn’t imagine that the foal could escape if they did, I get that…

I actually do believe it is called trespassing…

But that doesn’t count when it is a horse? I repeat, if I had had five dogs in my garden, would you have walked up to the fence and started feeding them? Would you have entered their dog shelter?

Of course not. Why do people seem to think it is so different with a horse?

Okay I am done now. Deep breath. It won’t happen again. They will get the message. Or I will buy a padlock… yeah, I think I will… just in case…

I did get book three in the Starstone Series, the Crown Prince, back from my editor today, so now I am busy designing a cover and trying to find time to read it through one more time, to make sure it is perfect, and it is good to go…

My Natural Horsemanship book has been sent to editing, since I am pushing it in between book three and four in the Starstone Series. Apologies to those of you who are waiting impatiently for the entire series to be released. I just need my horsemanship book out now. It’s time.

Look, I am almost calm now. Cool. All bitched out… For now… Stay tuned, you never know… 😛


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2 Responses to Here We Go Again

  1. Lisbeth Thostrup says:

    WOW saddles can move the shoulder bit independently and the actual tree allows for a wide spine and is shorter than your normal tree. I do not know if they are sold in Denmark, but have a good look at their website.:
    Strada saddles have a flexible tree – I have seen 3 horses completely transform the moment they tried the Strada:

    • Starstone says:

      I’ve been looking at the wow saddles, but as far as I can see, I have to drive my horse to germany to have it fitted… now, that seems a bit… much… somehow 😉

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