Bleed Well

First up, everything that needs to be said about the Rollkur/hyperflexion/LDR (Low deep and round) discussion, do our sport a favor and read it, for the sake of our horses;

To be honest, I’m not that jealous of their “high quality” horses, but if I was a billionaire I sure would buy that Nintendo off his cruel owner, just to make sure that poor horse was never ridden or tortured by humans again…

I must post this link as well, simply because it’s a rather brilliant video (as well as article), and I know, you have to subscribe to watch it all, but you can watch the first minutes and once you find yourself sniggering because someone dares say- and use Andreas Helgstrand as a willing example- what really needs to be said, take my word for it, does a great job and you won’t regret subscribing to see the rest. In fact, I warn you, you may spend the rest of the day, watching their videos…

Which brings us straight to another terrifying case of animal abuse, it seems that a Danish breeder thought it smart to send his young horses off to Poland, to save money on raising them. was sent the video without a translation, and have been working hard to dig into the case since they got it.

WARNING, the video contains dead and dying animals.

So, nothing new in the world of horses then… except now we send them off to Poland and hope no one ever finds out the state they are in? I don’t know, I doubt most of those horses could be saved…

So much for performance breeding, if this is how those Rollkur trained horses we see at the start of this post is raised during the first years of their lives, then I must say… We need to pity them even more than we first believed…

I don’t know how I happened to write about this, yet again. Actually I had a whole other post planned out and somehow, this is what happened…

I guess that what I am left with is this song, stuck in my mind, sounding more and more like the perfect theme song for today’s blood sport, because it seems, that that is what we have become.

How did it happen, how did we not notice, how did we not call a halt and where the FUCK are FEI? Because yes, FEI use the picture of the black horse to describe what rollkur is to their stewards and how that is not allowed… Low, deep and round on the other hand, that is legal… spot the difference, I dare you…


Here goes, HIM, Bleed Well, it seems that we already are;

Bleed well the soul you’re about to sell for passion deranged
Kiss and tell, baby we’re bleeding well
Bleed well the heart you’re about to fail for reasons insane
Kill and tell, baby we’re bleeding well’
In hell

Sorry for quoting you Ville, I just can’t get this song out of my mind, whenever I see professional equestrian sports these days… simply because the only kind of abuse we do not tolerate is blood. The horse must not bleed.

Yet. Give it time. Everything is debatable it seems. Rollkur used to be forbidden too, but they found another name for it and so now, as long as you call it LDR, you can do it as much as you want… You can even make vets and trainers testify that it is beneficial for the horse…

I have no words.


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  1. Just go ahead and ask them if you can use the song.

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