Dorién, Rosenheim And A Rainbow

Okay, time for a little update on my friend, LHK’s, two boys, the brothers Dorién and Rosenheim. Both of them born to her wonderful DH mare Louvre.

Dorién is the son of Blue Hors Develino, Rosenheim is the son of Blue Hors Rockefeller.

So, last weekend we showed Rosenheim, amongst all the Danish Warmblood foals of our region. He, and his mother was very nice to bring, calm and easy, no drama, nothing. Rosenheim scored a clean seven in everything- yes they evaluate the foals- with the remark we had expected; he is not big enough.

rosenheim and louvre

I got to love that, I mean, every horse must be huge these days… Even if they are owned and are going to be ridden by someone not so big, like LHK for instance… why on earth would she breed huge horses? And why must a small one never be as good as a huge one?

rosenheim and louvre 2

But then again, me and my Arabians, I may be a bit predisposed to love tiny horses, and clearly there are things I will never understand, about performance breeding…

Yesterday we showed her four year old, and the Danish Equestrian Federation, DRF’s, young horses championship.


The four year olds, like Dorién, have to be ridden in all three gaits, show their gaits before the judges and they get judged for their ride-ability, their walk, their trot, their canter and their capacity/talent.

Dorién was fantastic. Easy to handle, well behaved, responded easily to LHK’s legs and all of her signals, he didn’t spook at the flower decorations and he wasn’t afraid of the judges. All in all, a very well behaved, well trained young man in my eyes.



But, I am not DRF, I am not a judge and what do I know… Dorién scored 6,8 as far as I remember, in total… which was kind of fair enough, maybe, considering that none of the others got too high a score that day.


Still, and I really didn’t mean to bitch about this at all, but I find myself unable to keep quiet… sorry… right after LHK, a rider and a stallion from a well known stud entered the ring. Said young stallion reared up, nearly fell on the judges, kicked down the fence and all in all jumped all over the place the entire time it was “on.”

Fair enough, it’s a young horse, we can all have a bad day, and sometimes young horses blow up unexpectedly. It’s too bad, but better luck next time, right? Go home and train and try again?

No need. The horse scored an 8 in rideability- such a nice, easy to handle young horse, at least when it didn’t try to kill itself and its rider- sure deserve top marks… of course it does… what would the stud farm that owned say if it didn’t get an 8? It could ruin the future of this breeding stallion, do you have any idea how much money rests on that horse, scoring an 8?

Yes, I think I do, and I couldn’t care less… that was not earned, that was not fair, and that horse was not prepared properly and I bet you that even the rider were laughing all the way home over the spineless, ball-less judges we have in DRF, where you can show anything, as long as you have the right stud name, and get away with it.

I didn’t get any pictures of said horse, because I was busy helping LHK with Dorién, but I did get a few pic of the other stallion from that stud- that one ended up at number 4 by the way, a very nice score and ranking.

IMG_2303 IMG_2350

Honestly, if this is what it takes to compete, even with the young horses, I am so out, and I am very happy to see that LHK is not going to play along. She came to the show yesterday with her well trained horse, and she left with just the same one- a happy, well ridden youngster, who had a good day and wasn’t forced to blow up or to hyperflex his ligaments, like so many others…

If that is what it takes to win, then keep your ribbons…

I am just happy to see that somewhere out there, in the big world, at least one judge does not think it’s cool to see a young horse being unable to trot…

So, in conclusion, we had a nice couple of weekends, showing off LHK’s horses. Way to go DRF for your well planned and executed championship, where all the right names won, once again. No surprises, no hard feelings, except  maybe, I feel a little tired… it is so predictable.

Next stop is a bit of horsemanship-dressage training we are going to in two days, bringing Saleem and Dorién. Looking forward to that, I really am, hoping that this will help Saleem and me with our last issues with our canter and a few minor things I seem to be unable to inspire in him. I am not good at asking for help or at letting anyone touch my horses, but this trainer we are going to see, seems like someone I could work with and she is openly against rollkur and force, teaching people how important it is to collect the horse the right way… Yep, I am giving her a chance…

I am not above asking for help, it is just SO hard to find anyone you can trust, since rollkur seem to be everywhere these days…

Anyway, here is a rainbow, keep smiling everyone!



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2 Responses to Dorién, Rosenheim And A Rainbow

  1. Lisbeth Thostrup says:

    I so agree with you!
    After moving to the UK, we have struggled to find an instructor. Front to back riding seems to be the norm. Sad.

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