Making Babies Cry

I’m sorry, I just can’t help it… It’s time for a laugh…

Once again, Disney Channel is your friend.

So Random, Volde-mart sketch… Any Harry Potter fans will recognize that half of the dialogue is completely stolen from the movies and that the guy playing Volde-mart is really, really good at mimicking the “real” one…

And of course, Harry Potter in the real world…. Actually it’s not the best of the Harry sketches, but it doesn’t seem that people are that good at uploading them to… apparently you can’t find everything online just yet… anyway, it’s still bound to make you giggle…

And this one, not Harry Potter related at all, but this is SO my sense of humor… irrational, brilliant and has me laughing out loud- for real- every time I come across it, so I will post it, even despite the lousy quality… (again, we really need someone to upload So Random to… Hint, hint.)

Here goes, the best pop song ever, Making Babies Cry;

Yep, that is as good as it gets today. Really.

If you are a “Days of our lives” fan, by the way, I dare you to go to and check out Mckenzie Falls, Disney Channels soap opera…

Yeah, way to waste your life, I know, apologies. I better get back to editing my book and behave… Once I stop laughing…


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