Almost There

Here goes a little update on The Crown Prince- book three in the Starstone Series.

It’s just about ready for release. The English version is all “done,” only missing a table of contents. (The hate – job, by the way, Word is so annoyingly stupid to work with on that point…)

The Danish version is waiting for me to read through the last 100 pages, and make sure that my translator haven’t missed something or misunderstood something.

It happens, once in a while, but mostly, she has done a very good job with it, and I’m not editing as much in this book, as I did in the first and the second. I am guessing she is beginning to “get me” much more… translation is not just about language, it’s about the feel and the meaning of the words and a lot of things cannot be translated directly, without losing part of its meaning.

I am driving my illustrator crazy these days, demanding that I have a horse on the cover of this one. She does not like drawing horses… So I provided her with a lot of pictures of my horses, just to make sure she knows what a horse looks like…

I did wonder at first if I should just draw the horse myself and maybe let her draw over it, but I really don’t want that. I want a horse and rider as the cover of this book, and I want it to be clear that it is drawn in the same hand as the one that drew the first two covers for me. It is very important for me, that the covers “match” each other as much as possible. I want it to be clear, just from looking at my books, that they are part of the same series.

The back of the cover, I let her decide though. There, I was pretty blank, to be honest, but she came up with a great idea for it. I love that about her, that she has actually read the book and most of her drawings are inspired by the book itself- except for when I insist on getting a bloody horse in the picture…

Apologies… She might as well get used to it, book four is entitled “The Unicorns Horn,” there will be a horse on that one too… or, well, a badass unicorn…

But that is far into the future. At the moment, I am concentrating all of my spare time on getting The Crown Prince ready for release and my Natural Horsemanship book, My Heart, My Soul, My Star, My Endless Night is in editing and will be out between book three and book four in the Starstone Series.

It’s always exciting, getting one of your books ready for release. It’s always terrifying, letting it fly. Especially this one, I must admit. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I know I can’t wait to have The Crown Prince on my shelf, since it remains ever, my favorite.

Almost there.

Oh wait, I have to come up with some clever way to describe it for the back cover… I hate that… How do you sum up a 400 pages book in ten lines, without giving away anything important, and still making it interesting enough for people to want to give it a chance?

Yeah, I’ll think of something. I always do.

About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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