Growing Up

It’s been a while since I’ve posted pictures of my superstars by now, so everybody remember my beautiful foal, born on May 10th?

IMG_6735 Ablaze 402

Ablazing Legacy, Ablaze for short, always had a huge temper and he hasn’t changed much, other than his size. He was a huge foal when he was born, and he seem to be planning on growing up as fast as he can.


(Granted, size is relative, but he is an OX Arabian and his mother is a pony, so by all means, he really is a big foal…)

He still loves to run around in circles, he still loves to rear up against humans and well, in all possible ways, he is just a perfect young man. Even if he is going to present a bit of a challenge to work with, whit his huge ego, I must say, I adore every aspect of this foal.





And once in a while, he displays himself in a rare moment, where you can see his mother in him- and his father, Elite stallion Aparan OX, and you realize why Aparan is an Elite stallion. Because he breeds movement and huge trot. Looking at Ablaze’s mother Tardis, I must say, I’d be surprised if he couldn’t move, even without an Elite stallion as his father, because since Apollon died, Tardis is hands down the one with the best trot on my pasture. She is quite amazing in her own right, so how could her beautiful colt be any different?


My boyfriend have always been laughing at my friends and I when we have been talking about talent and movements in foals… what can you tell from looking at a foal, really?

Quite a lot. Having experienced both Apocalipse and Ablaze from they were new born, he has had to admit that as far as trot is concerned, Ablaze is just a natural, and miles ahead of Apocalipse.



(No offence, Apocalipse are, and will always be my personal superstar, but he is bred for showjumping much more than dressage. He doesn’t have a bad trot, but it he does become flat if left to his own devices. Ablaze never does.)

IMG_3407 (Apocalipse, 8 months old. My “race” horse.)

It’s hard, being objective sometimes, when you love all of your horses equally, but I do believe it is important to look at them as individuals. Some just have more obvious talents than others, and Ablaze sure is already, a little dressage protégé.


I bet that somewhere by the rainbow bridge, Apollon is crying because he never got to know this beautiful dressage foal, with the hot temper, with whom he seem to have so much in common.


I got to admit, it is a bit strange to think about, how life goes on. I have this wonderful foal now, and he never knew the three most important persons in my life, because they all died the year before he was born. Ablaze never got to know Apocalipse’s mother, Amalia, and her gentle, solid nature. He never got to know Poseidon and how he ruled the pasture with an iron fist. He never knew Apollon, the one who greeted Tardis and took care of her when she came to my pasture last year, pregnant and afraid, having just been moved.

Ablaze will grow up in my new gang, with my six year old Saleem as the eldest, and my three year old Apocalipse, trying to mirror his old idol, Poseidon. It is a bit funny to see, how quickly a foal learns who is in charge. Apocalipse lived and breathed for Poseidon, he was his hero. Ablaze sticks to Saleem these days, like glue, clearly intent on absorbing everything there is to learn about being the leader of the herd, by learning from the very best.

I really, never thought there would come a day, where “the very best” would be Saleem. Young, frail, airheaded and quite oblivious to the world around him most of the time, Saleem seems like the most unlikely leader ever, but he has grown with the job. He really has.

In a way I am sorry that he had to. I always thought at least Apollon would be around until Apocalipse could take over one day. In another way, I am very proud of Saleem, to see how well he handles everything. He may not be growing in size, like Ablaze, but he sure is developing as well right now, becoming a wonderful young man that all of my old gang would have been very proud of.


(In the front, Amalia- pregnant with Apocalipse- and Apollon. In the middle, Saleem and Poseidon. In the back, my beautiful Legacy. All of them gone within two years, except Saleem- and Apocalipse.)

And why shouldn’t they. After all, they raised him well.


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