Saleem and I decided that we better test that new saddle of ours today, by jumping a little. Or, I decided. Saleem wasn’t too hot on the idea, thinking that he couldn’t do it, like he always does.



Even the poles on the ground was quite scary at first…



And Apocalipse and Marble did their best to cheer him on, which he found a little bothersome…


Saleem is very careful, very gentle and he really lacks a bit of courage and trust in his own skill. I quickly realized that we needed a low obstacle and we needed to get to it at a canter, not trot, simply for energy. I needed him to stop thinking so much and just focus ahead.

So we did. Saleem thought that was quite scary. (I am still holding on to the mane with my right hand, so I won’t accidentally pull on the reins if he does something I didn’t expect.)





But ever so slowly he loosened up at in the end, he gave me the perfect jump, he actually focused on the obstacle, and he believed that he could do it. Look at his ears. This is a proud horse, that finally understood the task and realized that it wouldn’t kill him.


So, yep, awesome day! And the saddle stayed in place, jumping is a good test, he worked very well in it and he actually learned to jump today. Or, at least he understood the basic idea. For Saleem and me, this is huge. My perfect young man.



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2 Responses to Jumping!

  1. sammerson says:

    I can imagine that learning to jump over things can be scary for some of them. I think I might freak out a little if I were a horse, so good for him! Great job Saleem!

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