Oh, The Quotes…!

I’ve been watching the European Championship on TV lately, since its held in Denmark, it’s actually broadcasted in Denmark for once.

One of the things I must laugh about- or cry- are the commentators… I mean some of the things they say…

Tina Lund, commentating on the show jumping, for instance, I am sure she is getting a lot of hate mail from her fellow riders once this is over… for instance, she said about one of the riders yesterday, that “Sometimes he does that, sometimes he gets a stroke and fails everything…”

A stroke? Tina, what kind of a thing is that to say? Really?

I know, it’s kind of a Danish expression for messing up completely, but to say it about someone on National TV?

And then she continued to talk about how Ludger is sooooo cool, and how everybody holds him in such awe, that if he thinks something is wrong with the track, he just tells the builder to change it before they start… like for instance, if he wants an obstacle up or down, he just say it, and they do it. That’s how cool Ludger is.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I hear her say things like these… I mean really? Here I was thinking that show jumping was a fair sport, one where a clear round was a clear round and the time was the time and no judge could influence your score and the track was build by a professional, independent builder, but no… if Ludger doesn’t like it, he can change it.

Wonder if some of the less famous have the same power? I strongly doubt it. If all riders could just change the track before they went on, we would never get started. But Ludger can. Tina said it twice… So we must believe that he is just that awesome…

Then we have the dressage… or well, for the most part, the trained monkeys… Once again, I am proud to see the sympathetic riding from Andreas Helgstrand, giving Denmark a good name, placing us as high as possible on the rollkur scale, by even openly rollkuring his horse, right in front of the TV cameras, all the way from the warm up to the show ring… Right there on TV, in front of the world… So proud to be a dane…

No, I was talking about the commentators… I think the best dressage comment must be, when Bjarne was looking at a horse that was very much behind vertical and he said, “well, clearly they live with how it becomes a bit narrow….”

Oh they live with it? The horse is, of course doing it to itself? And they live with it? How very nice of them!

The things people say sometimes, without thinking about it… Tina even said, while watching Christian from Germany ride, that she, as a woman, could never ride like that, she just wasn’t strong enough….

First off, Tina, a woman with the “right” bit in her hands is just about as strong as a man… Second, don’t sound so impressed by how brilliant he is; if you can’t copy it because you lack strength, he is doing something wrong! But please, say so on National TV, now we all know how Christians show jumpers are trained…

Oh well, I think I’ll leave you with this picture, made by Linda Haart, which I think actually bends it in neon for us all;

rollkur 1

Overkill? No, I really don’t think so. FEI states clearly in their rules that hyperflexion is allowed up till ten minutes at the time… Which leaves one thinking, ten minutes? That is a very, very long time to have your joints locked, and your ligaments forced to stretch beyond their capacity. A very, very long time. And, it only requires a short break, before you can do it again, for another ten minutes… where does it end?

Leaving you with this article… because I am still in shock…


Electroshock? On a dressage horse? I never would have thought of it… Okay, I know it’s used in show jumping, electrifying the water, for instance, to make sure the horse doesn’t touch it, (not everybody do that, I HOPE, but it happens…) but in dressage? Really, I am not creative enough to be in this world. I keep getting astounded by human cruelty.


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