Petition Against Rollkur

I know- it’s in Danish. But Anima is one of the few organizations we have in Denmark that speaks up on behalf of our animals. This is a petition to stop Rollkur. It is important that we sign to show the world that this abuse needs to end.

And for those of you who don’t understand Danish, the first video begins with Andreas Helgstrand, telling the stewards to get rid of the Anima photographer, because he says, they are ruining the sport…

So Anima was not allowed to watch the warm up, like everyone else, like Ecco had promised?

Anyway, please sign,

The petition form says



Phone number (you don’t have to add your number, only name and email are required.)

And then you press the “skriv under” button, which is Danish for “sign.”

The videos displays nothing new, neither does the article, A Danish vet explains why Rollkur is abuse and how much force is used by the double bit, and how painful it is. The article is pretty much the same. Things we all know, things I’ve said a thousand times over on my blog, no doubt to the annoyance of a lot of my readers, apologies, but really, the pictures should be enough. Anyone with eyes should be able to take one look at them and know that any horse, forced to hold its head in that position is forced and abused and in severe pain.

You don’t even have to know anything about horses. The riders themselves, refer to it as hyperflexion. Or, the allowed name for it, LDR… Low, deep and round. Not Rollkur. Rollkur is forbidden by FEI…

Once again, I fail to see the difference… clearly, I am not alone.


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