Saleem’s Second Show

Saleem and I were at a local show today, we rode from home, so no worries about the trailer and stuff…


He was amazing. Totally cool, very interested in the other horses, but he didn’t call out once, and he just took everything nice and easy, soaked up all the new things and didn’t spook.

IMG_3617 IMG_3619

I keep getting amazed by how cool this horse is…




Now, the judge wasn’t too impressed, she did write that it was a good horse with a lot of potential and that she liked how I didn’t punish him for being disobedient, how I seemed to play him through it…

We scored about 54%

Let’s be fair, yes I play him through it, and I must give her credit for noticing it, but my horse is so not disobedient. Saleem is absolutely allowed to raise his head any time he wants and he is completely allowed look around at any given moment. If I had told him not to, he wouldn’t have. But that is not the way I ride my horses…

I want him to pay attention, I don’t want to force his head anywhere and no ribbon can ever be more priceless than the look of happiness on Saleem’s face when he works for me.


We galloped home across the fields and Saleem had a very nice day, at his second show, he even met a pony


And a very interesting flower decoration


And his human was beaming with pride. He is just so nice, so easy, so happy to work with, you can’t help but smile when you are around him.

I even almost forgot that today, its fifteen years ago, since I said goodbye to my very first horse, Pikant, who was euthanized because his heart was failing, on August 31, 1998. To be honest, it’s the first show I have done on this date, ever since. Life goes on, it seems, at long last.

How can it not, with a horse like Saleem?




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