Icequeen, Ferrier And Horses

Look at me, not bitching about anything for almost a week… That must be some kind of new record…

Truth is, for the first time, in a long while, it seems that my horses are doing good, all of them. And of course, because I said that, Marble is now busy cutting herself up on anything unimaginable, while Ablaze is eating dirt and getting a stomach ache, and Apocalipse and Saleem beats up each other and become lame both of them… Yes, I am still an optimist. But I said it anyway, because they are actually doing good these days.

In fairness, Apocalipse have just been lame, and I am not quite sure why, I have been looking his leg over in every possible way, without result, which brings me to the fact that if I can’t find what is wrong, neither can the vet, without bringing out the big guns, like x-rays and ultrasound and you will excuse me if I am not much for starting up that show again if I can avoid it…

So, I have been waiting and watching him for about a week now, while training him a bit from the ground, (like 2-5 min at the time,) asking him to loosen up his shoulders, because I noticed that he was holding himself rather tightly, across the back and down through the shoulders. That is quite common in youngsters, while growing up, and am kind of inclined to believe that his lameness came from some tendons not wanting to grow up alongside him.

Either way, I saw him a few days ago, running up and down the pasture, like he used to, beating up Saleem, reclaiming his lost position as the Alfa male on my pasture, and he wasn’t lame at all, which is great. I hope I will never know if it is me, working with him that helped, or if he just recovered from a mild sprain I couldn’t locate. I am counting on it to never return, so I won’t have to find out…

Keeping a keen eye on him though… as always.

So, other than that, what have I been up to? Well, my Ferrier was by yesterday, trimming Tardis and Ablaze. Tardis always had an issue with strangers, last time my Ferrier was by, he ended up trimming her in the middle of the pasture, because she flat out refused to enter the house when he was in there.

This time, she did much better, she didn’t freak out too much when I asked her to enter the house, and she didn’t hate it instantly when he touched her, in fact she stood very quietly while he worked on her, and she even almost stopped being tense in the end.

Once again, I simply adore this guy and his patience with me and my crazy horses…

Ablaze did cause quite an unexpected fuss though. The last two times my Ferrier have been trimming him, he has been the most well behaved little angel, but not this time. No, this time he tried kicking the Ferrier any chance he got. I must admit, I didn’t exactly see that coming. He haven’t done that since he was a few weeks old… that boy sure has got temper.

So, I guess it’s back to training him, he even tried to kick me today, clearly having learned that from almost getting the Ferrier yesterday. Bloody little prick… We did agree on not kicking in the end though, but I actually had to place a halter and a rope on him- the horror, I am outraged, I mean, what 4 month old foal can’t have his hooves cleaned without being held on a rope?

Okay a lot, most in fact, but not my foal. We were past that… clearly not.

(Don’t get me wrong, I adore this foal, and I am not worried about it at all, and we’ll work through it easily enough, I guess.)

Still, my Ferrier would like it if I fixed the floor in my house, he is such a chicken, really, just because I have a few broken tiles, that he could easily trip over if the horse acted up…

He even said that he had some tiles I could come pick up at his place, so my friend and I hitched a trailer to her car and we drove there to pick up said tiles.

I must admit, I have known this guy for 16 years, it is kind of lousy of me that I haven’t been by his place before, since he is very proud of it, with his office and his workshop and stuff… and it is a very beautiful place he has got. Very… him. Very perfect. Just like he likes everything, including my horses hooves, which is another reason why I have stuck with him- or he has been stuck with me- for all those years.

Unfortunately his tiles didn’t fit with mine, so we couldn’t use them… so I still have to find some new tiles and have the floor redone, and let’s face it. Not picking up tiles take just as long as picking up tiles would have done.

I seem to calculate every minute of my life these days, always feeling like I have too little time for all the things I want to do and all the things I should be doing…

I must be getting old…

Another great way to waste my precious time is looking up horses for sale online. A friend of mine and I have a very unhealthy habit of searching the net for cheep little horses, not sick ones, but unhandled, or young, or just cheep because the owner really want to get rid of it, and we send each other links on face book constantly…

She came across a donkey the other day, about the same age as Ablaze and of course she sent me the link and of course I send it to my boyfriend. He instantly said, “Ha, you can get that one,” clearly thinking I wouldn’t want it when push came to shove. He is kind of right. But it is cute… really cute… and I bet he would never see it coming if I actually picked it up…

So, yep, this is my life, or at least part of it. And now I better find some dinner and hang up some clothes and hopefully I will have time to write a bit tonight. Still waiting for my cover to finish up before I can release The Crown Prince…

But I can write on my other books and I sure will. If not some link, with some white pony comes along and distracts me…

And by the way, Evil Icequeen, this one is for you and no, it’s not a horse;


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  1. Thank you for the song darling 😉 I guess I’ve finally found my theme song.. MUHAHAHAHA…

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