Gaia, Indie And The Bridge

I am sure most of you remember Gaia and Indie, my friend’s – the Evil Icequeen- horses. Since she is too lazy to update her blog, let me throw in a few adorable pictures of the two, who have by now, figured out how to cross the bridge on their own.

gaia bridge 1

gaia bridge 2

indie bridge 1

Of course, that has her worried sick that they will fall and die, but let’s be honest, the sheep have been using that bridge for years and her horses seem very clever indeed.

gaia bridge 3

gaig bridge 4

Not like mine, who would instantly fall and break all their legs of course…

So, not – so – little – anymore – Gaia and tiny Indie, looking good. I am still snickering to myself over the fact that Gaia are now using the same size halter as my two year old Marble. And Gaia is only one… yeah, she is going to be a full sized horse, that one. Who would have imagined that, when we picked her up in a show storm, tiny, starved and miserable, about a year ago…



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2 Responses to Gaia, Indie And The Bridge

  1. My horses are beautiful 🙂 Well, actually only Indie learned to cross by himself.. I guess he got to hungry and saw that the grass was greener on the other side of the bridge.. Gaia then run around completely frustrated on the other side and was to scared to cross.. So, I went in their and walked across the bridge and then she got the courage to cross.. 🙂 So, Indie that little bugger forced my to teach my baby girl to cross a dangerous bridge.. Sigh.. But, yeah the sheep has crossed it for years and no one ever died from it.. So, fingers crossed.. 😉

    • Starstone says:

      Oh well, give a pony a way to get to greener grass and he will take it 😉 But now we know, Gaia is not a natural jumper, or she would have just jumped the river 😛

      or, like Poseidon once did, tried to jump a bridge, only to land half way across it and fall and nearly die… Oh wait, so maybe she is, maybe she is just clever 😉 lol

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