Red, The Crown Prince

So, I am going with the red cover for now.

Still, I can hear on my readers that they want the book in the white version, a lot of them, so I am setting that up as a paperback, as soon as possible. I just love the black and red cover, so here it is as a paperback;

crown prince red

The e-book is being published within 12- 24 hours, so please have patience. It will be up shortly.

And for those of you who want a version of the paperback where the cover match the first two books in the series, it will be available as well, shortly.


Until then, I hope you’ll take a look at this one, the dark, red and distorted version of the third book in the Starstone Series;

“The Crown Prince is the third book in The Starstone Series. It is a raw, honest story, of a young man with no one to support him, and no one to catch him when he falls.

By far, the darkest of the series, The Crown Prince keeps the twisted humor from the two first books, as it paints a detailed picture of the future elven king.

The elven prince, Nahorim, grows up in the army, desperate to escape an abusive home and everything inside him, struggling to control the overwhelming amount of magic his blood contains.

All the while, the White Queen is preparing for war, seeking to reclaim what the elves once stole from her.

Are the Children of the Light finally going to turn on each other in battle?”

Thanks for your patience and your input, all of you, it means the world to me.

About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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