Rollkur, the FEI and Byrialsen: An Interview with Julie Taylor of Epona TV

Interview with Julie Taylor of Take your time and read it, and watch the videos, if you can handle it.

Susanna Forrest


Last month’s Ecco FEI European championships in Herning were the biggest sporting event of the  year for Denmark. Hundreds of riders and thousands of fans came from across the continent for dressage, paradressage and show jumping competitions. But amid the clear rounds and medal ceremonies there was a groundswell of discontent with the Fédération Equestre Internationale – the sole overseeing body for international equestrian events. Animal rights campaigners Anima were in attendance. A protest by a group called Equi-Voice demanded “no more force in dressage”. Danish tabloids ran headlines denouncing the country’s riding team. Social networking sites featured caricatures of the FEI stewards who monitor welfare toting machine guns, and fans lingered behind the scenes, assiduously videoing riders. I talked to Julie Taylor of Danish independent web journalists Epona TV about the growing unrest among fans, and why frustrations are running high.

Luise Thomsen and Julie Taylor founded…

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